When I was new to WordPress I used to change the theme everyday… sometimes twice or thrice in a day. Hence, I would often get a comment from friends saying that I am too inconsistent when it comes to theme. I would tell them that I get bored of one thing too easily and when I have the power to change something, why shouldn’t I use it? We anyways have a lot of things around which trouble us, but we cant do anything about them.

Over the months I realized that I started sticking to a theme for more than the expected time. And the last one…I don’t even recall when I changed it last time.

And today when I thought of experimenting with some themes, I found out that I have too many specifications. Though WordPress offers numerous vibrant and exciting themes…I cant fit into any of them.

First thing that I want is Dino’s pic in the Header. I loved many themes with no options to change headers, but couldn’t narrow down on them.

2) Side bars – They shouldn’t be too many to make the page look cluttered. And it should appear along with the posts not at the bottom of the page.

3) Widgets – The theme should allow me to display all the Widgets that I currently have.


These are primarily the *conditions applied for theme selection.


After a lot of hit & trials I decided for this one and this is the one I have used before with the same pic in the header.


I remember clicking this pic at JNU market, soon after Dino’s birthday we went there to pic the photographs. My brother went into the shop and in the meanwhile Dino immediately captured the seat of the captain.


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