Yet another day in office about to get over in 15minutes…and with this, a tiring week too.


Yet another evening is about to start in just 15more minutes… and with this, a brand new Weekend.


It was one of those Fridays when you don’t feel like working (my every Friday is like that) … yet you can’t leave your desk because of the volume of work.


The season is changing in Delhi now… it’s the kind of weather when you sweat if you wear woolens… yet you cant take them off as otherwise you might catch cold.


The mood today is weird… headache already knocked me down yet I can’t stop listening to the music…on high volume.


This is the kind of post when you don’t know what to write… yet you trigger something arbit because you want to write something.


Have a Wonderful Day and a Nice Weekend ahead.




PS. Hope no one cursed me after reading this 😛





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