An eventful Saturday

…which otherwise was so boring.

I woke up at 12 in the afternoon..had aaloo-n-gobhi-da-parantha for brunch with adrak wali chai…this combination happened after a long time in my life and was served hot *slurrpp*
I was at home all day…thought of making Rajma-chawal but then dropped the idea as washing some clothes was taking rounds in my mind. I cooked stuffed omlette for dinner by the way, with aaloo-da-bharta.
Anyway, the star of Satur-day was Joey, who made the day wonderful. And of course Chunmun and Samir who brought him home for a while…was meeting both of them together after a long time. I dont even remember when I met Samir the last time, may be that’s why his grown up hair was looking so prominent; to which he kept on asking “achhe lag rahe hain na?”. Chunmun and me met a week ago in the evening when we tried to take Joey for a walk…he is one lazy fella..gave us a really hard time. So yesterday all four of us were together laughing all the way to glory remembering old days and making new plans 😀


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