Don’t you…

…sometimes just wish that by any freaking chance God should have sent somebody…anybody…who would just know what you can’t say?? Be it a person, a bird or an animal…who would just be there when you can’t say you need somebody just to fill that void.

Well…some people say that I’m quite good with words, but I fall short of them everytime I need them.

PS. These are the after-effects of watching a senti movie.
PPS. I have to get up at 5 in the morning (about 4hrs of sleep) and I have set up 12alarms/reminders for that…can you beat that?? Phew 😛


2 thoughts on “Don’t you…

  1. 🙂

    Well, when I have to get up early after staying up late, I always wake up even before the alarm goes off… 😛 I guess the alarm in my mind gets the better of any other…

    By the way, did you manage to wake up in time ? 😀

  2. LOL…i think this alarm game needs a separate post altogether 😛

    I managed to get up… brahm astra bhi tha mere paas…had asked one of my friends to wake me up & it worked 😛

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