Strange Day

Though I am sure everybody remembered but no one at home mentioned anything about last year. And now I recall we dint even talk about Dino today. This was one of those days when everyone keep trying to show their stronger side but deep down inside they must have felt what I felt today – an ocean of Pain, which doesn’t have a pain killer to reduce it.

My current cellphone wallpaper


4 thoughts on “Strange Day

  1. The expressions which those eyes convey… Cannot be put into any words…

    The red sweater looks really cute on him…

    Am sure he’ll be missing you all too…

    • 🙂 Yeah he looked just adorable in that sweater…

      Thats me underneath that quilt on which he is sitting… I still remember that it was somewhere in November 2005 when I was not getting up and Mom asked Dino to wake me up… he jumped on the bed…licked my face and then sat down when he was sure that I have woken up. I loved all those mornings when he was the first one I would look at.

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