Common Sense..Not So Common These Days

Indian people…..why the fuck they can’t learn about simple rules???

I have recently…very recently started going for an evening walk. It’s a small park near by with jogging tracks, evening there is full of aunties and their children/grand children. Kids play and aunties mostly talk, but later in the evening to add to my horror they decide to take a ‘stroll’. This is a big turn-off for me. Most of them go clockwise and I prefer going anti-clockwise, as this save me from an effort to overtake those who have a lesser speed than mine and its almost everyone. Now the problem is….these aunts walk in groups….. atleast 3 of them together..covering the whole track (which either ways is not that huge to accomodate more than 3 people together), I prefer not to step off track as then I lose my track of walking and I hate it when I have to push forward through them for my way. Dont they know the rule of “keep to your left”. We were taught in school, my mom kept nagging about it when I was a kid and used to walk with her, TV channels had some ads for basic traffic rules and for the pedestrians, newpapers displayed some piece of knowledge…now even the calendars educate you for the same…and I just cant believe that they have never come across any of these.

God please help them read this message on my face that I am pissed off with this fact of negligence or soon they are going to hear a word or two from me….upto you.


4 thoughts on “Common Sense..Not So Common These Days

    • itni si baat????? badi mushkil se toh apne ko force karke walk pe jaati hu upar se aise log poora mood off kar dete hain… you have to come and see it yourself…it IS just so frustrating :/

  1. … IMHO… the ‘Keep Left’ rule is for vehicles and not necessarily for pedestrians… infact i prefer to walk on the right side of the road… i don’t want to be ‘run over’ by some maniac… mebbe it’s a phobia… mebbe it’s common sense…or mebbe it’s sixth sense… 😛

    • well…It is a phobia I guess… you should see a doc 😛

      and I dont know…but right from childhood I have been told to keep to my left…as I child I remember I would walk down in the middle of the road…endangering my life and many others…

      infact I remember reading this “keep left” note on a staircase of a school where I used to go for Shiamak’s classes…so its definitely not for vehicles only…

      may be you should learn now…to keep to your left 🙂

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