Phir Teri Yaad Aayi

Ek kone me chhupi bathi thi
Aaj teri yaad phir aa hi gyi
Mujhe phir se rula hi gyi

pata nhi kya hua…aaj walk karte karte Dino ka khayal aaya…fir na walk ho payi aur na mai chup ho payi…sitting on a bench in a park right now…listening to the aunties who pass by, while they are walking/strolling and talking…watching the kids play soccer with the basketball wali ball…getting comfortable with the tears as no one can watch them now…its growing darker…feeling the muscles of my legs talking to each other (must be bitching about me…how I have made them suffer with my growing weight)…feeling the heat travelling from my toe to head and making me think to take this sweat shirt out….

Time to go back home I guess.


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