Dents Of Accidents

Most of the accidents happen because of somebody else’s fault – On roads or in life… well this is what we prefer to believe, which in some cases holds true.

Driving is a big responsibility, but there are hardly few people who understand this. Even a slightest mistake could cost a life (minimum), it could sometimes lead to big disasters.

I was in college when I came across one news about one of my college-mates – around 2.00 am, while coming back from a party with some of her friends she met with an accident and died on the spot. And how did it happen?? The one who was driving had consumed some alcohol and while they were on a flyover at Chirag Dilli he lost the balance and the car flew down from the flyover on to the road, killing everyone in the car (and two pedestrians) apart from him.

I remember that I was a part of Art of Living workshop for about a week and there was this girl called Puja Mukerji in our batch, who knew the one who met with an accident very closely. She came late for the workshop, when asked about the reason she said, “I am coming back from a friend’s funeral and met another who thinks that he is responsible for all these lives. I dint know what to say.” There were 4 people in the car.

A few months later another instance happened. And it took Puja away this time. Not their fault but the truck driver’s who jumped his red signal only to hit their car. Once he knew what he did, he ran away from the scene. I remember being glued to the TV inspite of the fact that it was exam time. My would finally come and switch the TV off cos she knew what I was getting into. Though I was never that close to Puja but there were few moments that we shared during our Art Of Living workshop, yes I admired her for her confidence and the way she carried herself. I still have to meet someone who would surpass the elegance she portrayed.

There have been many instances since then flashing the screens of news channels and the front page of news papers.

A few months back our cab driver had an argument with few girls who overtook our cab in such way that we lost balance. They were at a high speed, overtook from the wrong side and were about to hit our cab. They sped up and were out of sight, but the coming red signal stopped. Our driver (surely with anger) asked them to watch out going forward. They must be in the age group of 20-22 years, but argued like a pro. The rich parents don’t forget to gift expensive cars to their children these days, but they sure forget to teach them the ethics of driving… endangering their children’s life and many others. Later in the evening when the same cab driver was dropping us back home, he told us that these girls met with an accident later. I only wished that no one was hurt. He said that they were seen arguing with someone else on the road as their car hit another.

You must be wondering why all of a sudden I am mentioning about things which would have lost in thoughts….well today morning was one of those which could have become the headlines of today’s Prime Time and tomorrow’s newspapers.

Nothing much happened there was this car in front of us which suddenly stopped on the Radisson flyover on NH-8, a split of a second and we were gone if our driver shouldn’t have taken the cut and then balanced the vehicle. Their were chances of hitting another vehicle while taking that impromptu cut, but Thank God others were keeping a safe distance. It was nothing but a sudden break, no big deal…but it could have been disastrous for some families.

Please be very very careful while you drive. Follow the Rules – Rules are NOT meant to be broken they are for our safety. And if you desperately want to commit suicide, please consider others safety for God’s sake and opt another technique.


6 thoughts on “Dents Of Accidents

  1. Bach gaye aaj nahn toh ram nam satya ho hi jata aaj 😦

    Our good deeds or may be its our parents blessings which saved us otherwise hum Heaven mein CHEERS kar rahe hotey :p)

    May god keep everyone in good health and safe.

  2. Ohhh…

    Just a co-incidence… I had a minor thing too early today morning as I was driving my Mom to her college.

    As we were passing a cross, a biker with a guy on pillion swerved to the right just ahead of the car. Fortunately, I was slow and missed brushing him. But then, suddenly, he changed his mind and swerved to the left again towards the straight road we were on. Fortunately again, I missed hitting him as the speed was slow.

    But one can’t stretch one’s luck much… The next second, he jammed on his brakes and stood still. Well, however slow I was, the car hit the rear end of the bike, making them loose balance and the pillion and the bike were flat on the road.

    And then this stupid guy had the nerve to question my control over the car… I wonder why some people just leave their brains behind before going out on the roads…

    Thank God you people didn’t get into much trouble… Wishing you and all your near ones great health and safety always…

  3. Yikes! That’s scary! We seriously need to do something for the drunk drivers, the rich drivers, and especially drivers who drive cars gifted to them in their teens by their parents.

    God bless you.

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