Terrific Situation

An auspicious day…last year… this year too.
Last year your brother got married and would be celebrating the First Anniversary…and this year one of your friends is going to get married and is insisting you to join the function.

You could have made an equilibrium if they both were in the same city, but what if the wedding is an out of station event??

It was this situation that I was stuck in and it was difficult to make a choice…it’s very well known as Dharam Sankat

My brother agreed to accompany me to the wedding, we forced my sister-in-law to take a leave from office and come along cos they shouldn’t be miles apart on their First Anniversary. I wished them while we were on our way to Patiala. Their anniversary started in the car… Shivi (my sis-in-law) was trying not to sleep and Vishu (my bro) was driving the car… and it got over the same way.

I felt quite bad for them, I spoiled their day. Though both of them wanted to attend the marriage, but considering their condition of waking up the whole night and driving (bhai) and giving company to the driver (bhabhi) they needed rest. So I gave them the option of skipping the marriage and coming for the Lunch at the Venue Directly. They nodded for the option and I had no choice but to go, I slept only for 3 hours that day… I don’t consider the dosing off in the car as Sleep. Robin was supposed to pick me up. More than the actual wedding I was excited about the fact that I would get to meet my friends after a long time and it would be great celebrating the moment with them. But unfortunately Robin, Rakesh and Neeraj had to leave then and there as Robin’s 2year old daughter was not well. Gaurav came to pick me up instead with his wife and Ravi. Finally we attended a Sikh Wedding too. Bharti was looking very pretty as The Bride…and Sunjit was unrecognizable in the Surdy look (he is a cut-surd otherwise), immediately after the phere he got the beard shaved though. The couple look made-for-each-other type and the eagerness and happiness was clearly visible in both the pairs of eyes.

After attending the marriage we 3 went ahead with the plan to visit The Golden Temple. We reached there at 9:30 pm. The time of evening paalki. Though I was not fortunate enough to visit the core temple again but this time it was better than the last. It was more soothing, I wanted to spend time there…more time. Wanted to be alone, wanted to sit there and observe people around… admire the beauty of the glittering temple and its reflection in the water. I always wanted to visit this place and I’ll go again… the quench is still there.

We ate at the langar and left for Delhi. I slept throughout.

Coming back to the topic… I tried to strike a balance between the two events and in the meanwhile spoilt the day for my bhai n bhabhs but I think our visit to The Golden Temple was worth going through the hectic schedule. I loue my bro and his choice 🙂 ❤

One thing I can’t afford to forget to mention… moon looked beautifully stunning while we drove on the highway. It was a crescent and it was awesome. Somehow I feel I can spend a whole lifetime looking at the moon.

Here is a look at the freshly certified Husband and Wife 🙂


And The Golden Temple:


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