Beautiful Night It Was…

…and I am wondering why I was so hesitant of coming out of the house???

For the past one week I have been hearing just one question from everybody around, “What’s your plan for the New Year??”. Well…the plan was made…instantly.

Chunmun called up in the afternoon (yesterday) and told me that ‘plan ban gaya hai shaam ka’.

I asked her ‘acchha?? Kahan ja rahein hain hum log?’

Chunmun – ‘tere ghar ki chhat pe’.

And then I declared to my office friends ‘yaay….I do have a plan. Party hai mere ghar pe’

Friends – ‘kon kon aa rha hai?’

Me – ‘4 log…including me and bro :P’

So we were on. Reached home in the evening and suddenly I realized that it was too cold. I was shivering and was hoping that someone would cancel the plan. I stuck with TV, chatted with a few friends online and as the year has flew by the evening also turned darker. The doorbell rang and it was Chunmun. I had no option now, ab toh jana hi tha thand me chhat pe. She told me the Sameer would be accompanied by his nephew Vedant (a 10th class student), I was happy to hear that the party is getting crowdier. Soon after the guys joined in and arranged for the bonfire. I finally went to the terrace with chai for me, bro and Chun. Sameer and Vedant were ready for their ‘ice-cream session’. Flames of bonfire were nice this time, we have been hosting these bonfire parties for over 7 years now and there have always been some or the problem with the wood that we used to fire; we used to spend the entire time trying to light them up. Once it started the night suddenly turned warmer, it could either be the fire or the warmth of being with oldest of friends. And my cherry on the last-night-of-the-year-cake was The Full Moon and icing was The Lunar Eclipse.

We chatted through the night, making Vedant listen to our stories, poor kid…he had no choice. We played some music in my cellphone which emerged in our laughs. By 12 we managed to finish the dinner and by the way…first time we ordered vegetarian food only for me from a non-veg food joint and by the way…they all got a shock when they got to know that I am not eating non-veg these days.

No matter how many times I say that there’s no big deal with this new year thingie…its just a change in date format; but there always is something…something is always there to make that night different…different from other 364 days.

Happy New Year once again…


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