I Know What You Did Last Year…

Finally I am able to write this much awaited post for my blog.

The year took off with a busy schedule leaving less time for myself, which I invested in sleeping (of course!!)

Last year was pretty eventful, a lot of things happened and here I would like to recall them as they happened so that years down the line when I read this post I would remember the year just as it was.

January gave a kickass start to the year as I enrolled myself for Shiamak Dance Classes. I always wanted to be a part of them but somehow couldn’t get a nod from parents…. till January last year. And this month also marks the entry of my center-of-affection for the year 2009 (it was actually a re-entry of someone from the past and as we talked in the coming months, he appeared to be an appropriate one for the tag)

In February I saw one particular movie 3 times during the first 3 days of its release. It was Delhi-6, I saw the FDFS with Shivani, 2nd day 2nd show with parents and 3rd day 3rd show with school friends.

 March started off with a performance at KNC Audi as a part of our final presentation at Shiamak’s institute, we had 2 performances and my partner thought that it would be cool to skip it. There I was dancing alone on the steps meant for a couple. I forgot many steps btw 😛 . 2 of my past centers-of-affection were out of my life, one belonged to 2008 and the other to 2007. The meeting with 2009 center-of-affection also took place in this month, I met him after a decade. I also met someone from my past’s past…of course yet another center-of-attraction of black-&-white era. And yeah… I also enrolled myself for thakeli-yoga classes. Thakeli cos the way they were happening I was sure that I would lose weight in the next birth for sure… that too if I continue till eternity. Hence, I shifted to gym. Later in the month, I lost one of my colleagues to death. She was murdered while going back home after office and this was in the headlines for quite some time. Though we were only cab mates that too a couple of years back, this one was really depressing. This month I also got to know that one of the persons who I have been hating from the core of my heart for hurting me at one point in my life and making my life almost equivalent to hell was not responsible for it. And thus, all my life I have been hating a wrong person; which was not a very good feeling.

 April was nice, I went to Kolkata to attend Aditi’s marriage (my friend since 5th standard). And boy…WE HAD FUN!!! This is one marriage which I would never forget. New place, old friends, many new people (who were hardly ‘new’ at the end), awesome food…contributing to loads of memories. I remember this one particular incident from this month which might not mean anything to anyone but it means something to me that I still remember it. I was at Priya’s Barista, sipping coffee sitting outside the outlet when one of the stray dogs came up to me and licked my toes. He stood there and I was shit scared. I was talking to myself telling me that it was only Dino that I wasn’t scared of, rest of them scare the hell out of me. And he went back to where he was sitting as if he heard me or got to know that he scared me. This was surprisingly strange or may be I just over-analyze things. I also shared the reasons of my depression with one of my BSG fellow member and for the first time in my life I let it out that way it was.

May began with a function at Shivani’s place, which was for her niece. I was interrogated by Mom on Mother’s Day for drinking… I wanted to wish her at 12 O’Clock (immediately after the function where I had a peg), I gave her a peck on the cheeks and there I was at the center stage of every discussion. Later in the month I was literally at the center of Siri Fort Audi stage though, performing for Summer Funk. And this time there were no ‘partner steps’ (Thank God!!) and I remembered everything right from the beginning till the end. I in fact trained Sim between the performances, who thought of going back after the first one. This time I felt like a rockstar…dancing with all my might on the stage… hooting by the audience was just like tequila shots, giving you a high in minimum time. *Sigh* I miss those classes 😦

All I remember about June was struggling to post on my blog for Dino’s birthday and then taking help of my center-of-attraction (and from this point on he actually became the center-of-attraction for me). Had my birthday. Always wanted to join Aerobics…left gym and joined it 🙂

July was a month for traveling. Went to massourie and dhanaulti with a mix group of office and school friends. And then I went to my much awaited trip to Goa. And lived life Queen size for a week. Revealed my stupid feelings for the center-of-attraction and sent something to him, which was specifically made for him.

In August I wrote a lot of private posts 😛 . My brother became one of the Ranjhore ka Rathores. First time in my life I watched a movie alone (Hangover). Got some flowers in return from the center-of-attraction and a chocolate cake (which I ate alone 😛 )

Went to yet another trip in September. Lansdowne was short listed this time. Had fun with my group of people, realized how important it is to go on trips with like minded people as at the end of the trip there were fireworks between the other group. My Nokia N70 was destroyed cos of a bad party that I attended, was without phone for a week (first time in last 8 years). Bought E63 at the end of the week. Got my first and only blogger award 🙂

Enrolled in Fine Arts course in October. Lost a friend again to death. Dealt with a lot of questions about life, answer to those are still missing. Went to Jaipur with family, a trip with family after a long time.

I don’t remember much about November. Nothing much happened I guess, though this was the month I wrote maximum posts. I downloaded Gtalk on my cellphone in this month and was talking to many of my friends whom I lost touch.

December was again for traveling. Went to Patiala for Bharti-Sunjit’s marriage, then to Amritsar. My brother’s first marriage anniversary. On the contrary to appropriate gifts to my bhabhi, I was forced by my brother to get the tyres of his car changed and to buy him a play station. Went to Fatehpur Sikri later. Remembered Dino again as this months marks a year of his departure. Went to famous Nadi Astrologers out of super-curiosity and gathered the material to laugh at myself all over again. Said ‘bye’ to my center-of-attraction 2009.

Apart from these there were a lot of things that I did…wrote my 100th, 150th and 200th post this year, watched a lot of movies…specially the ones released on Diwali. I always wanted to watch those movies released on Diwali but couldn’t. This time I watched all three of them. Left my team and was transferred to a different one. Stated some new categories on my blog. Read some books with in few months…I have a record of keeping them pending for ages….aur kuchh abhi yaad nahi aa raha 😛

At the end of it I did make some resolutions…and broke the first one in first few hours of The New Year 😉


4 thoughts on “I Know What You Did Last Year…

  1. 🙂

    Wow… Talk about eventful… After reading your review of 2009, I feel that my life is so un-eventful… 😛

    And what’s this thing about ‘center-of-attraction’s ?? 😀

    And I never understand why people make new-year-resolutions. They are never maintained… are they ? 😀 What exactly did you make and break ?

    And I hope you write even more than another 100 posts this year. 🙂

    Have a great year !

    • c’mon….helping someone to elope to get married is an ultra-event…this one competes with 100 other events.

      Center-of-attractions….they come…they stay for a while and then they go… sometimes they don’t have a choice but to quit and sometimes I don’t have a choice but to withdraw 😛

      Lol… which resolution I broke?? Well…this must be another post I guess 😉

      Oh I reeellllyyyy wish the same 🙂

      You too have a great ‘eventful’ year 😉

  2. Hehe…of course, resolutions are meant to be broken! Thats why we even make them in the first place! 😉
    And about the street dogs thing, you arent over-analysing, its true that it sensed your fear and moved away. Street dogs are more docile than people think.

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