The Day Of Cake, Smoke, Matchstick, Fog and …. Presentations ;)

A year went by…and That Jugadu Birthday we still talk about.
Yesterday it was her birthday again…came after exactly 365days for some strange reasons. It was again the same group, same place, same laughters, same comfort and strange discomfort 😉
Though a lot of things were different too. Like I was a vegeratian this time giving hen and goats a break for a change. Like the deadline Sam got from his Mom.. for coming back home by 12 (midnight that is) as it was too foggy for the past couple of days or the door was not to be openned. Like the first time bonfire experiment at Chun’s place and the fact that we were back in memories..trying to fire the wood with the help of kerosene. Like this time there was one more soul to wish her on her birthday (only if he could understand what birthdays are) – Joey.
Last time we made Chun sing this time we made her act. Last time we reached at 10 for an occasion of 7…this time I made it at 8 but bro-bhabhi were very particular in maintaining the record of last year…sometimes there are some situations equally important and equally unavoidable. This time around we had a cake but the candle(ssss) were still missing, as a result matchstick came to our rescue…again.
By the way, Sam was with us even after 12 (this was a result of assurance that bro gave to accompany him back home and Kinni’s insistence)..there was hardly any fog and whatever little there was, might be cos of the smoke out of the bonfire 😛
And last but not the least… You might be wondering what these presentations are doing in the midst of all other things mentioned in the title of this post. Well…if I tell you that Greeting Cards, eCards, Flowers, Cakes, Chocolates etc are The Headlines of tomorrow…what would you say??

…anyway, let me not wait for your answer and tell you what the Breaking News these days is – the answer lies in that last word. Yeah.. P r e s e n t a t i o n s.
I dint believe this till I saw the cute ones made by Kinni and his lady love. I am sure they have attained perfection in MS PowerPoint by now 😛
Kinni is the younest one in the group (Joey is still a kid!!) and may be that’s why he was strangely a bit uncomfortable while sharing them with us. But Kinni how could we let you go like this…? 😛


2 thoughts on “The Day Of Cake, Smoke, Matchstick, Fog and …. Presentations ;)

  1. yo…great blog yaa….waise it ws nt bout the discomfort….it ws jst that i ws afraid ki aap log meri le loge….dts it….. 😀
    neway nice blog….nd yaa happy lohri… 🙂

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