Dilli Ki Sardi…

I’m not used to this much of cold. When I was youunger…a kid..my parents never used to make a plan for cooler cities…cos of me. I am prone to cold. But in recent years…how can I avoid this?? The temperature in Delhi dips down year by year creating new records. Here I quote my favorite quote for this winter…I have been saying this to everyone who indulged in this winter talk with me. “The duration of winter has decreased but the intensity of it has increased”. Don’t you agree with me?? So, I had to take an off from office today. Reason: I was going to office when I had fever during last days of last week…time for me to take a break and some rest. Nahh…weekend wasn’t enough for me.


8 thoughts on “Dilli Ki Sardi…

  1. 🙂

    Well, I have been pretty intolerant to too much cold as well. In fact, people used to assess the degree of cold by counting the number of layers of clothing I had on myself… 😀 (including multiple layers of socks and gloves… :P)

    But I agree with your quote that “The duration of winter has decreased but the intensity of it has increased”.

    Strangely, since last winter, I haven’t been feeling the cold as much as I used to. Though I do believe the intensity of cold having been increased looking at the difficult times the people around me appear to be having.

    Must have something to do with the layers of fat I’ve been putting under my skin lately… 😛

    Wishing you a warm week ahead… 🙂

  2. My views are a lil different from you when it comes to dilli ki sardi…I LOVE it! Sure I hate getting up in the morning but once I’m out…its awesome!

    • arrey…same here… I find them much better than summers. Here I would like to quote another most used quote of mine, “to avoid cold you can wear N number of clothes (woolens), but you can’t avoid the sweaty summers by taking all of them out” 😛

      its just that the frequency of catching cold is more in winters and cold leads to fever.

      And yeah…getting up in the morning??? Ask me… I fight with my conscience everyday which keeps asking for a leave… of course I can’t afford it everyday 😛

      what time do you have to get up btw???

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