The Extreme End of Life!!!

We keep saying…through words, through eyes, through touch, through gestures…throughout.. sometimes when all these get unnoticed the extreme happens.

I have been thinking to write about this for a very long time but dint know where to start from. A couple of days back I came across Ani’s post on this and I got a break through.

There has been a sudden increase in the suicidal cases of students. And these are not college students who you think must be dealing with so many things at one time like studies, leisure, parents, relationships, CAT etc. these are kids; students of school. Must be 10th or 12th at the max and some are even more younger, 6th or 7th.

Suicide is something which is not limited to any age group. But we have always believed and seen that chilhood is the time when we are transparent. At that age, if we are hurt we let it out by crying; if we are happy we celebrate in our own ways. In short, a kid hardly keeps anything to him/her self. They let it out. And once something has been shared it doesn’t hurt that much.

What depresses me more is the murder of a kid by themselves. What makes them take that decision? How could they even think of it?? Did they read about suicide in newspapers or saw it in Television?? How the hell that escape route crawl into their tiny minds?

Who is responsible for it??

Whenever a child secure a first position in the class..parents proudly say that (s)he is their daughter/son and takes the credit of the intelligence to an extent. Do they search with in themselves if their child fails in exam? What do they do? They hold the child responsible for the failure…this is just one example of this sort.

Now by mentioning this I am not saying that its always the parents who are at fault. I have seen the ups and downs in my life too. And have got my share of scoldings from my parents too. Parents do scold…they want something better for us. Then what’s the difference between all parents and the parents whose child takes the extreme step? They lack to form that bonding and connection with the child. There is some sort of connection apart from every other which results in the belief ‘that my parents think the best for me’ and are not concerned about their status in the society if I fail in the exam today. Today parents are burdening children by their own expectations. Agree…that we would want our kids to achieve all that which we couldn’t, but that doesn’t mean we should burden them with our hopes. I have seen kids doing so many extra activities apart from studies. Because it make parents feel proud if their kid is learning an instrument at the age of 5 apart from classical/western dance steps and yeah don’t forget singing classes…..all thses apart from school and tuitions.

Is their something more important than our own children??

I just wish for a school which would teach us something apart from words, numbers and ranks…


4 thoughts on “The Extreme End of Life!!!

  1. Very thoughtful and you captured the essence of this issue, even though we would not like to blame parents, we all know that somewhere all that is missing is the sense of love and care at all times. Well written.

    • absolutely…it’s just being more mature and experienced, the amount of efforts to understand a child should be more from parents. A kid who doesn’t even know how to tie a shoe lace need to be guided throughout.

  2. I have been thinking to write a post on something similar too.

    It’s more a kind of cycle with every generation now. Some people are lucky to have a more sensible generation before them while most others are not. And in turn, they themselves become insensible for the generation after them.

    Good that you brought this up.

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