Let’s Get Serious…And Do Something For Them

Have you ever thought of The Jungle Book without the Sher-Khan?? There was one Sher-Khan in Talespin as well…being dubbed by Nana Patekar I guess. Hell No…. they are the very important and strong characters in these stories.

 I always wondered why in most of the stories they have been portrayed as negative characters? Is that a reason why some ‘good’ people are trying to accumulate some ‘good fortune’ by killing these creatures? Some of you might think that it used to happen in the past when Raja-MahaRajaas used to kill animals for the pleasure, but this hunting-and-all doesn’t happen these days. If it doesn’t get reported doesn’t mean that it’s not happening. We might not know who these people are or what exactly is happening but I don’t know how else to justify the rate at which the extinction of this specie is happening.

I have only seen Tigers in zoo … That too hardly one or two times in my lifetime and if they keep on diminishing like this I see the chances of seeing a Tiger walking down the lane of a sanctuary diminishing too. Forget about my children.. they would only hear about them and might get an idea how tigers used to look like through The Jungle Book may be.

The society is getting charged up to save them now, I would like to contribute a small bit to the same by writing about it here on my Blog to start with. I saw the ad a couple of days back on TV and it reminded me of my Dino. And tigers might not be the only specie which we are in a danger of losing, there might be many. But the change should start from somewhere and it being a National Animal should get some preference. I hope this roar gets louder and more ‘n’ more people join in. And I hope this positivity comes for everything that needs attention in this world.

We keep wondering what can we do and feel so small. Every positive change comes with a thought. So even if all you can do is discuss among your friends about these issues apart from the routine gossips, it would help. It’s the awareness that we should spread first. A changed positive thought in one person would light up the thought in someone else.


I just hope that people who kill/harm animals, stop behaving like terrorists.


While writing this, a movie came into my mind. I hated that movie and thought that it was a waste of money. I appreciated the topic of the movie even then, but hated the way it was treated. They could have done much better, don’t know what SRK and KJ spent money for in that one? The movie was Kaal. And the concept was based on the instances where tourists cross their limits and don’t let the poor animals live in peace. And when you live but don’t let the others live….sooner or later it comes back to you.


I just hope that this light is carried forward by some of you in your talks, thoughts, mails or may be blogs.


Let the cubs live to become a Tiger …..

 …and let the Tiger live to play with their cubs.

Aren’t they beautiful?? I wish I could have one cub and name him Dino 😀

PS. You can also visit this site – http://www.saveourtigers.com/

All Images have been taken from different online sources, searched through google.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Serious…And Do Something For Them

  1. Ohhh…

    I saw the ad just a few minutes ago and was thinking to write something about it on my blog too ! And you have put it up so nicely already.

    While watching the telly, I also saw the tiger being used as the symbol of that moronic political outfit of Mumbai, I hate even taking the name of whom. Those crazy idiots are busy tearing the nation apart while portraying the tiger as their symbol, not once thinking about saving it.

    Anyways, I’ll just continue to visit the tiger website as for now which I had planned too. Thanks for writing for such an important issue.

    • I have been thinking for days, but dint. Kuchh ajeeb se din hain… I dont feel like writing, even though I am not busy. But I am glad to have taken time out for this one.

      Thanks for reading 😀

  2. Oh yes, that was my first full length cartoon film…… and who can forget “Born Free”
    Coming to the subject, as long as there is greed, this will flourish. . . . . unless each individual decides to boycott the product. Like my daughter decided never to wear or buy diamonds after watching “Blood diamond”

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