Sunday…. The ‘Fun’ Day (@%&¿)

 So… the thing is that it’s a Sunday and I was out for a shopping spree with my family where I dint spend a penny on anything, forced Mom to buy me a sweater which I think I would be wearing in next season. Then we came down to Haldiram’s for dinner. It’s the one on NH8 near Manesar, which I have never been to before so thought of coming here. What an end to this terrific Sunday…this place is a paradise for people who are fond of food…just like me 🙂
Chholey bhatureys, thaalies, paastaas etc are on table and I’m busy writing this post (so that my eyes are off food) with a mouth full of water (slurrrppp)…. I hate the nose for their smelling sense 👿

I Love my mineral water 🙄


4 thoughts on “Sunday…. The ‘Fun’ Day (@%&¿)

  1. damn!!! So many mistakes in this post…now you can understand what kinda terrible situation I am in….

    Wud rectify ths post tomorrow…

    Btw …i DIDNOT spend a penny on anythng except Dhokla tht i wud b eatng kal..and the place is a paradise FOR people

  2. 😥

    Did you have to mention all that food in such a way ??? 😦

    By the way, is that ‘Haldiram’s’ the one that’s on the left of the highway when you go towards Jaipur from Delhi ?

    If so, then I was there in 2004. Pretty big hall with mind-boggling stalls all around. Isn’t it ?

    And while returning I tried my hand at that silly game where you have to pick up a soft toy inside the glass cabin and drop it into the exit channel. Did manage to win a toy in my first try. 😛 Presented it to someone special later. 😀

    ……. just going back into some nice memories…

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