Bloggers Meet – Delhi

It’s Happening Again!!!

Yeah all of you who Blog and are in Delhi…coming your way is yet another Delhi Blogger’s Meet.

First time it happened last year in July. When 6 of us got time to get together and talk about anything else under the Sun except Blogging 😛

Last time it was Kaddu’s visit to Delhi which initiated the idea of meeting, this time as well the idea has been given by her as she is coming back to Delhi.

I couldn’t be a part of it last time as I was exploring Goa during that part of the year, this time I would make sure to be a part of it. I would get a chance to meet those (in-person) whom I have been visiting (virtually) all these years through their Blogs.

It would be somewhere around 2nd weekend of March (13th or 14th).

Venue depends upon who all are coming and from which all directions. Waise last time they met in CP, it might probably be the same this time.

So any one of you who would want to be a part of The Meet this time, can leave a comment and I shall get back to you 🙂

You can also email me at with your name, area of residence in Delhi, email id and contact number. We’ll need the details to coordinate with each other. Thanks.


16 thoughts on “Bloggers Meet – Delhi

  1. Commented earlier too, but either you rejected it or it got lost in cyberspace somewhere between Delhi and oh well, Delhi. Because I am guessing we both are in Delhi.

    So if guys are allowed and bald guys especially, can I come too?

    Office permitting, that is.

    • LOL…we are not gonna discriminate further, there already are many things to divide us and rule..aint it?? 😉

      So yes…it would be our pleasure if you come 🙂

      And why would I DELETE a comment??? Nohh…Nevahhh…gum ho jana seems to be the reason 🙄

    • I think it would be… if all those 5 people who promised to come turn up. would keep you updated through my blog 🙂

      and BTW… you would see it changed when you would read this comment… I am still experimenting with the theme 🙂


  2. … are Ex-delhities allowed? .. i mean… after spending first two and a half decade of ur life in ur hometoen) if u r in some other part of the country that still keeps u connected to ur ‘native’ … and then who can part away from Delhi! … just curious…

  3. Hey Garry… yaar last year when I deleted my blog, all that export/import changed the URLs of some of blog posts. Can you please edit the “Sanki Six” link in this post to this new one… “” ? It is showing up as crawl error in the Google Webmasters!

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