Embarrassing?? What’s that?

You must have been through many embarrassing moments in your life. I have a list of them too. But this one in specific is something that haunts me every time I go shopping for footwear. And not just one or twice or thrice…I have been through these horror moments many a times.

I still remember the day when I was suppose to give some kind of shitty exam in Sarojini Nagar (SN) and then I had a plan to meet up Adi at Ansal Plaza for my some upcoming Birthday shopping. It was June and the Sun was supposed to emit scorching heat, but….but to my surprise it was raining when I came out after the exam. I couldn’t change the plan as I was not carrying my cell phone, it was prohibited in the examination hall. So…I went ahead to Ansal’s. I had told Dad (who dropped me to the venue) to ask Mom to call Adi to tell her to pick my cell up from home before meeting me.

Coming to the footwear part, I was wearing a very nice jutti bought from Dilli Haat. They were ‘in’ at that time and everyone in office was envious of me as Dilli Haat was easily accessible to me (it still is…). I used to flaunt them. But my favorite jutti couldn’t survive that rain; it died of suffocation as water filled each bit of it. It was a SCENE when I stepped onto the tiled floor of Ansal plaza…with every step I could see water coming out of my footwear. Have you ever tried drenching your shirt (a spare one…not the one you are wearing) and then slapping it on to the floor?? Yeah…that’s the noise that was coming out as a friction of my jutti and the tiled floor. Suddenly it seemed as if everyone is looking at me. I couldn’t look around. I was looking at my feet. I couldn’t hear anything apart from the noise of my footwear which was clearly audible to me in that crowded mall. With that noise at every step and that water emitting jutti, I stepped into Reebok showroom. Bought the costliest pair of floaters. It was the costliest footwear in my life till that time and the costliest one in the showroom among the floaters….to satisfy my wounded ego and to regain that ‘lost confidence’. I still have them. Even after 5 years (about to be 5) they are still wearable. They are awesome and I’m not ready to put them off the shoe rack.

If you are pitying me already…then please wait till you hear the next one. This time I was in office when my brand new chappal called it off. When I was in college all I wanted was a pair of jeans, some tees and shoes. But when in office I had limited choice as denims are allowed only on Fridays. So shoes were not a regular option anymore. I wanted variety. So hopped in to every shop in SN and Lajpat Ngr to buy the ones that made my feet look beautiful. So, there I was with my new one. After few hours of juggling in office I realized that the strap of the chappal went off. I tried everything under this world to fix it. Glue, stapler, double tape, safety pin, tape etc, but none of them worked (I wish offices to have a mochi too apart from the facilities like medical room café etc). That was such an embarrassment. And this is something which has happened to me N number of times. This is normal for me now, as in the degree of embarrassment has reduce but the element is still there.

If you think that these disasters have something to do with the quality of footwear then wait…. I have tried everything to save myself from this embarrassment but nothing helped. From Dilli Haat, SN, Lajpat etc I shifted to different showrooms but none could save me from this embarrassment.

You think that this is it?? Well… all these ones are still manageable.. but if the situation happens in front of that someone then it becomes excruciating.

The one that I’m gonna tell you about now is the one that happened in the office (I Love my office…and colleagues you know!!). All day long my sandal was fine, but as the moment came to leave office it said bye. One strap was still in place so I thought I’ll manage to reach the cab and then it’ll be okay as I would be dropped at the doorstep of my house. So I was walking awkwardly (ofcourse!!) dragging one of my legs towards the main door when I saw my-center-of-affection (of that time) coming in from the same gate. I was praying to God that he doesn’t look at me in this condition. But alas…while I was praying the only strap also broke off and when I looked ahead after noticing this I found out that he was there at the door looking at me and was holding the door open for me to cross first. WOW..!!! Guys exhibit chivalry always at the wrong time. In normal situations I would have loved this gesture BUT at that time I dint know what to do. I smiled sheepishly took my sandal in my hand and just ran away (not literally…).

The other one similar to this one is even more …embarrassing. This would top the Charts for me always.

I was meeting a school friend after a decade and I wanted to look good. Well… you know it happens when you meet your school/college friends after a long time… you wanted to look good. I tried…and as I knew that I am prone to such disasters I made sure that I wear the sandal that I trust the most. We met, we had coffee…a lot of conversation did happen over coffee and then there were good-byes when he asked if I live at the same place cos if I did he would drop me. I agreed…as it was an opportunity of spending some more time with him. And while we were walking towards the parked car the unexpected happen…my leg twisted and as a result I again had a broken sandal (@#^%!!)…yeah all beep words took a round silently in my brain to curse my fate. I just wanted to disappear from earth. I prayed for earth to part and for me to merge in that but nothing happened. He turned back when he found that I wasn’t beside him and I could only manage a shy smile. For rest of my car journey I preferred to remain silent.

Could anything be more embarrassing than that???


6 thoughts on “Embarrassing?? What’s that?

  1. Hahaha… I can’t control ma laugh. I am sorry I shouldnt be laughing but haahahahaha,,, Oh gawd… But seriously, the same thing happened with me when I was in college.. My sandals broke every week and my friends used to make fun of me coz of that.. Imagine there wasnt even a single mochi in north campus the day my sandals came off but on the other days, an old guy used to sit right outside my college..

    And guess what happened once.. I was in class 12 and my friend had fixed a blind date for me.. and while I was walking with him, my high heels broke. Thankfully that guy was totally duh.. or else I would have died in shame..

    but dont worry… u r not alone.. I too have faced quite a number of embarassing situations like these.. 😛

  2. Oh you poor dear. This really is embarrassing. Atleast men don’t have to go through the risks of breaking a sandal! I love Dilli Haat too. And good to shop there too.

    • I knowwww….there is so much a girl has to take care of apart from looking good…and a broken sandal is nothing but a cherry on the cake 👿 …. tum ladko k maze hain ek ya do pair of shoes are enough to match with all the trousers and denims aur unke tootne ka bhi darr nahi hai 😐

  3. … stumbled across ur blog and couldn’t stop smiling while reading this post … u must have cursed some ‘mochi’ in ur previous birth or something like that… reminded me of good ol’ days i spent in Dilli … and ur ‘incidents’ also reminded me of some similar experiences my sis had with her footwear … well.. not to the extent u have experienced… so u take care and keep posting…

    • Alas!!! Seems kahani ghar ghar ki when it comes to girls. And about cursing a mochi… I never thought about it but now after so much of torture it seems ‘THIS is itt!!!’

      Welcome to my Blog 🙂

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