He created magic today…something that no one has ever created yet. I prayed for it last time…for him to break some records but He dint listen. I was disappointed. But few months down the line if this is what He planned for…well, then come on I wanna hug Him!!!
I want tomorrow to be a National Holiday on the occasion of Sachin’s Historical Double Century in One-Day and of course for breaking ‘some’ records *smirks*

I ❤ him 🙂


8 thoughts on “Magic!!!

    • 😀 😀

      I remember that….infact yesterday I was sharing the same thing with my friends (befoer his century). I missed his innings yesterday as something else came up which I couldn’t afford to miss either and was oblivious about the situation in the field. Later one of my friends smsd me with the figures and I was so happy. I managed to catch a glimps of Victorious Sachin on News Channel immediately (this is one thing good about them!!).

      Waiting for more magic from him…waiting for 2011 for the World Cup and praying for India to Win it and for Sachin to get the Man of the series. This one has raised the excitement even more.

      🙂 :mrgreen: 😎

    • You Bet!!! I was Exhilarating…the gloomy day suddenly seemed so bright 🙂 … I was at Cloud # 9 … I still feel the excitement whenever I see the comments here or somebody around talks about itt 🙂 😀

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