Happy Women’s Day


Hope all you women out there are being made to feel special today…by all Women and Men around 🙂


I wrote something for The Women in my life…


You were the one to hold me in your arms first

From you, in this world; I emerged


You heard me when I could not talk

You held me when I could not walk


You still hear the pain…

…when I am not able to show

You pay attention…

…to each tantrum I throw


I heard it somewhere but now I believe

God created Mothers…

… so that He sleeps relieved


I never saw God, but I saw you

I feel Him, whenever you are in my view


Image Source: Google search


12 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day

  1. Thank you, thank you.

    I know, I know.

    I’m not a woman.

    But just felt like thanking you.


    Happy Women’s Day to you G, Have a great day today, tomorrow and everyday!

      • Damn that does not sound right now that I read it again! Ooopsie! Sorry! I meant you’re more than welcome to come meet me in person and check. Damn, sorry. Don’t sue me girl!

        • lol…you know what…it does happen…you right something and then when you read it …you tend to read between the lines too 😛 …but at the same time its not necessary that the other person would have a frame of mind to read between the lines too 😛 😛
          I still am not in that frame of mind…but as it wasn’t sounding right to you I thought of skipping that one 😎

          waise are you coming for the Blogger’s meet???? 🙄

    • No…if you click on the image in the sidebar it’ll take you to the website I took it from. I would have flaunted such a lovely sketch if I were the atrist 😛 …unfortunately I am not…

      Thank you!!! 😀

    • Hi Joe,

      It indeed is a nice sketch but the compliment should be given to someone else. Apologies for not mentioning that it was taken from the vast internet, I would add a liner for the same right away 🙂

      Welcome to my Blog!!! 😀

  2. “I heard it somewhere but now I believe
    God created Mothers…
    … so that He sleeps relieved”

    … what makes u think it’s Mr. God and not Ms. God … OMG!! it’s so exciting thinking about God being female! … 😉 i think i got the next ‘topic’ to dwell upon…

    take care and keep posting… 🙂

    • hahaha…I prefer Him to be a male 😛

      On a serious note…I dont have a definite answer to that…I can think of a lot of things but can’t zero down on one…

      well I guess by ‘topic’ you meant …a new blog topic…would be waiting to read about the same ‘topic’ from you…

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