Hum Paanch

It was quite a happening weekend.

While on Friday, I had a gala time leaving early from office and spending some wonderful time with wonderful friends at Priya’s; on Saturday I met some of you.

Those who are regular to my blog would know that we have been planning for a Blogger’s meet for a very long time and finally it did happen after a lot of yes, no and may bees 🙂

It all started with Kaddu’s FB Status regarding her upcoming visit to Delhi and if we bloggers would like to meet up just like her last visit. I definitely wanted that and so did few others.

Finally the day came. And as I have been eTalking to Parv for quite some time now (particularly after breaking the news about his messy comment section to him) we made a plan for the D-Day, where I was suppose to pick him up from Noida (I was in Noida cos of some work). But the next day, it was discovered that Gautam has agreed to join in; so Parv declined my offer of picking him up from Noida and agreed to Gautam’s instead…for a metro journey. As a result of this, I was forced to spend the time somewhere (I forgot to bring the keys and even Mom & Dad were out at a friend’s place). And that ‘somewhere’ these days happen to be Malls (heat is on buddy…and Malls are centralized ACd!!!). And of course as a result of this innocent-timepass-in-a-mall, I spent extravagantly on some necessary and many unnecessary things. Anyway, it was about an hour and a half to go for the meet when I got the news that Kaddu would not be joining in… Thanks to her broken specs. At this point I was skeptical if there would be another girl in the meeting. There was one who was suppose to join in but couldn’t. Hence, I was the only girl representing the population of female Bloggers at our prestigious meet.

I was at CP before time. Parv and Gautam’s status was ‘on our way’ for about 5-6 sms which were exchanged over a period of one and a half hour to check the status. AGAIN….I had time…to kill, and AGAIN… I chose to kill the money in the wallet than to kill the precious time!!! I spent time at Khadi…and bought a Black Khadi ka kurta which I have been planning to for a long time. Then began the quest for McD’s. Till few days back I thought that there were only 2 McD’s in CP and then one fine day I learnt about the 3rd one. And on Saturday I learnt that I first have to search for those 2 CCD outlets which are aamne-saamne, the 3rd McD’s was somewhere near. CP is kind of under construction these days…so I walked and walked and walked to finally get hold of those 2 CCDs. Dint have the energy (read intentions) to search for McD’s, so I sat there and ordered a few calories in the form of cold coffee for myself. Finally ‘on our way (to CP)’ status changed to ‘on our way (to CCD)’ for the other 2. They came… we said our ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ and then Parv took the initiative to confirm who all were coming.

We changed the venue to CCD from McD’s, we had to…as the 3rd McD’s was no more there where it was thought to be.

Soon after Ajay joined in. There were certain apprehensions when I got to know that I would be the only girl in the group as guys mostly talk about gadgets, gizmos, cars, bikes, cricket etc… I was prepared to keep quite to listen to the conversation. But these were the least talked about things. Movies were the Hot topic of discussion. Ajay being a film maker (serious, close to reality documentaries) had a lot to share on a vast variety of topics apart from movies; I being a Movie freak (remember I am the worst movie critic as I like almost every movie) had somethings to add too, Parv also disclosed some dark secrets which he shouldn’t have cos he left me wondering … ‘How can someone buy the CDs of movies like Ram Gopal Verma ki AAG and Deshdrohi???’ (SERIOUSLY Parv…you should be awarded by the 2 film makers for this bravery act 😆 ) and Gautam only answered when asked about something 😛

Sumit joined in after sometime and as we were in the middle of our discussions, he took sometime to feel comfortable. When we were about to conclude that Gautam has got some company in Sumit, we heard him talk… I mean heard Sumit talk, Gautam was still wondering where, what, when to add his comments between our round table discussions. We made sure to keep quite and give Gautam a chance to speak up…to which he very innocently replied “I am just being careful before talking as I think I still have to procure knowledge to be able to take part in that discussion, more over I don’t want k baad me mera mazak banao’…and to this Sumit promptly said “Bilkul theek”. We had to pull Gautam’s leg a couple of times to make him talk. The meeting was suppose to be till 6:30 and it was already 7 when people at home realized that I were missing for quite a long time. Phone rang…I told them that I would leave in 10-15…back to conversation…forgot about the call…saw the time…realized that it’s over 15min…asked everyone to stop and not to start any interesting topic…they stopped…but soon after something popped up in someone’s mind and we were about to go back on the track…but I made sure not to let them…they all must have cursed me for the same 😛 . We finally parted ways after keeping the custom of clicking a group pic.

At the end of it I realized:

  • 2 hours would never be enough for bloggers… so next time the meeting would not be in the evening. We would try to keep it safe for the Lunch time
  • Guys do talk about things other than cars, bikes, gadgets, gizmos…
  • Nothing could ever be completely right or completely wrong… the grey area is increasing day-by-day (The crux of our discussions)
  • Somebody has to force bloggers to stop talking otherwise they have the ability to talk endlessly on anything and everything
  • CCDs and Baristaas are the Hot spots for such meetings
  • You should have these kind of experiences at a regular interval…they help in many ways…they ignite your thought process on certain things with a different angle
  • It’s better to go back home and then go out for any meeting (if you have a couple of spare hours in between), you might regret the consequences later. Hence, Do remember to keep the keys with you 😦
  • The attendance would never be 100% even if you plan out things a month in advance 🙂
  • Never be on time…others would ALWAYS be late 👿


So the final attendees were:

Ajay – The one who knew everything about movies, books, politics etc…you bring it on and he would have some serious inputs about the same 😎

Gautam – The Silent Observer 😉 … we often thought that he must be wondering “ye kahan aa gaya main??”

Parv – The Man behind the sale of movie CDs of RGV ki Aag and Deshdrohi… I bet there must be one sold for each 😛

Sumit – The XLRian…who has a very interesting blog name ‘Hues of Insanity’ but seriously…no such hues were visible to us 🙂

And of course… Me :mrgreen:

I had a nice time guys… hope to see more faces next time and till then…take care and keep blogging!!


PS: If you think that the post was long…well I’m sure I missed out on zillions of things.


18 thoughts on “Hum Paanch

  1. haahahahahahaha!! this was such a cute and amazing experience!! and what a description it deserves a standing ovation! it had me laughing all the while!

    ok lemme respond to the post point by point! sorry for cancelling the plan with you and coming with gautam! m feeling so guilty now!! i can understand your plight.. maafi de dijiye!

    2.boys talk about it and another g- girls!! it could have been tht we would be discussing about all the hot girls in CCD! buying the CD’s of that terrible movie were to be sent to gitmo for torture of taliban.. CIA had contacted me fr it. sorry i culdn’t tell you there.. its classified!

    4.the sumit dialouge ‘bilkul theek’ was a defining moment for gautam and sumit. in a sense it was ‘end of debate’ no more harassment!!

    5.we wern’t really that late but you were so much before time!!

    • LOL….Thank You 🙂

      And about the points…

      1) arrey nahi…you dont need to feel guilty…I understand…it’s all about ‘preferences’ 😉

      2) I wanted to include that but dint cos I had no intentions to make you guys feel that you can talk about other hot girls when one is sitting among you 😛 …Bad manners you know 😉

      3) Ganda rehne do….safai mat do!!!

      4) LOL….yeah..frustration tapak rahi thi dono k chehro se 😛

      5) You were half an hour late…bole toh THIRTY MINUTES… 😛

  2. Well,

    I dont know, I should comment or not….though I am doing so ..

    A nice post. Utterly butterly…lollzz

    Keep njoying…Keep smiling.

    • hehehe….Thanks a Tonn and Welcome to my Blog 🙂

      I was wondering what made you think you should or shouldn’t comment here?? well…of course you can…everybody can 😀

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