What Happens When You Have Some Time To Kill??


If I am at home I would rather sleep and meet The Prince Charming in some sweet dreams 😉

If I can’t sleep…I would surf through different channels and listen to their blabber

Once I get bored of that I would play WWE on my PS2 😀

If I am out…willingly or unwillingly I spend that time in window shopping which eventually turns out to be SHOPPING!! :@

I might force myself to sit at CCD for some extra calories too..but that’s very rare…be-intehaa majbooori ho toh…

Usually I am not alone when I am out…but as they say the chances of ‘once in a blue moon’ are always there

And when I am in office… NO I don’t go on a Moral Policing spree…like some ‘utterly responsible’ citizens of our country  😆  …. I rather spend time with my blog…checking the stats and wondering why is this that the number of visits shoot up like the temperature in Delhi these days but the comments section is as sookha as the Sahara Desert  🙄

I spend most of my time in reading different blogs…I just LOVE to read what others have to say and get connected to them in this unique, different and yet special way… 🙂

I also spend time on redesigning my blog…as in trying out new themes and finding myself in a fix …’which one to choose?’ … though there are very few which suits my requirements 😛

I do spend some time in thinking about what to write about… I fail to implement most of the thoughts (I hate to admit this but yess… I sometimes could be utterly butterly lazy 😛 )

And yeah….when I am tired of all the above mentioned activities I try to talk to the filthy rat that someone has kept on my desk…now (after a month) we have started tolerating each other…this makes me believe that if you leave 2 enemies in a room with no options there are chances for them to become friends 🙂

Here is the pic of my deskmate for you guys to admire…

And in rest of the free time I do this…


and this…


and this…


and …. this… 😉


…..to decorate my Workstation like this 🙂

Anf of course ….. I don’t want all you guys to develop a headache and accuse me of the same 😈

So… here is a better one that I made a year back for someone :mrgreen:

Hope you like itt!!! 😀


18 thoughts on “What Happens When You Have Some Time To Kill??

    • Are you a blogger?? then how would you know what pleasure it gives to N00bs like me when they read a new comment and get to know that people ‘follow’ their blog… I wish you to be a blogger to understand this *Sigh*

      • hahahaha .. I am no blogger but always want to be one 🙂 each time I start a blog, I am absent from it for so long that eventually I forget the password to login 😀

        anyways … just a small correction … its gao as in village. actually, I was reading a blog from Rampyaari before coming onto yours so that’s what I could come up from top of my head then.

  1. … and u can start a ‘bumper’ stickers’ business… “Stick Your Personality” can be the tag line… or mebbe “In one sitting discover ur true image”… etc etc… wat say?

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