…arrey ruk ja re bandeh, arrey tham ja re bandey…

Today is one of those days, when you try to be sane but somehow your mind pulls you in trance.

I tried, I failed…so I better give up and follow my mind. I feel like a dummy whose master is mind. I am smiling, talking, laughing, frowning, eating, working….but it all seems like a deja-vu…as if I am actually dreaming. I am not willing to smile but I am smiling cos my mind is sending me a message “if you cant laugh at least smile at this joke…don’t force people to believe that you are insane”. So, I smile. Seem that I am running a lil slow than my surroundings… as I am reacting a lil slow.

I don’t feel like doing anything…or may be it’s what mind wishes for right now. I opened a list of 10-15 blogs to read them one by one… but no topic could actually catch hold of my mind. When I couldn’t find anything at my rescue I thought of coming to my blog.

When you think that people around you would consider you out of mind if certain things are discussed with them, come to you blog and scribble… not because here nobody would take you as insane… no…not that…ABSOLUTELY NOT…you must have proved it thousand times and now you must have got a (implied) certificate too, for being an absolute psycho…it’s because you are safe here… No body knows where you live… where you work… where exactly you are right now…. So even if they come to know at the end of a post that it was nothing but a sheer waste of time and more of confusion they can’t do anything to harm you except …. EXCEPT leaving a ‘naiiiice’ comment on your blog…which ofcourse you have the power to delete…so see….not much harm eh?

PS. Title has nothing to do with the post….ab tak to pata chal hi gaya hoga… I was humming the song and had no idea about the title 😆


6 thoughts on “…arrey ruk ja re bandeh, arrey tham ja re bandey…

  1. I cant help but laugh… lol…lol…lol… lol.. seriously, you sound insane.. trust me you do… n I am no different… So lets laugh together at our insanity… 😛

    • khi khi khi…. I kept smiling throughout while writing this one…and some sane people asked me why I am laughing…I couldn’t tell them that I already were pitying those who would read this 😛 … so.. I bet, they also partially certified me with that Tag 😉

  2. Sahi baat hai. This is why I turn to blogging when therez no other source of venting out…its safe…and people actually read your bullshit!! 😉

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