Kya Pehena Hai Aaj Aapne??

…errr…well.. I don’t know what’s cooking up in your mind with that title…I certainly felt it to be cheesy enough to attract the attention 😛

 No… This is not about my clothes or anybody’s ‘clothes’ for that matter. I was about to take up something which has consumed my happy Friday for God’s sake…!!!

Those of you who are working in a corporate world must be familiar with the term… “The Dress Code Policy”. Eh? Yeah?? Kuchh yaad aaya??? Yess…..exactly that’s what I am talking about. Kapdoan ki policy in aajkal ki corporate duniya.

Well…. I must have said it THOUSAND times…and even if I repeat it for next THOUSAND days even then it wont be able to explain How Much I MISS My College Life 😦

There were no tensions…no discussions about what is wearable. Though there were gentle reminders from the Teachers to those who would make sure they dress up like those in TV but then it was their headache… I was never among those.

I know what I can carry off well….and I chose my option with in that range only.

Anyways…coming back to the dress code policy…I wonder why round neck T-Shirts are a strict NO?

Well … I am sure the policy has been drafted by someone without any internal and external influence…but then what’s the logic of banning round necks?

I think these are the best options for girl… where there are chance of some ‘showing off’ in V neck, U neck and boat neck…round one is safe enough.

People had numerous questions around the policy…what to and what not to…wear? Well…isn’t it simple…we are intelligent enough to differentiate between the formal wear and casual wear… I was slightly frustrated with such questions cos they had no logic. And they were consuming my precious Friday… which I don’t intent to spend in a meeting room filled with people…specially when I am the one who’s out of the group… has no questions, understands that ‘A Policy Is A Policy’ (o k a y …. M a d a m !?!?) and have already thought of my options to work around the same. I love round neck Tees with nice messages on them….and of course am not going to stop wearing them cos of some policy…. I would of course wear them with a shirt over it or beneath it…so that the COLLARS ARE VISIBLE…..

All they need is a collar (LOL….hehehe 😉 … really??? 😛 ) …. Apart from everything else 🙄

And yeah by the way… I Love the Khadi feel…specially on Fridays…when it coupled with a pair of jeans… reminds me of college… and it’s just awesome when you wear an oversized long black khadi kurta along with jeans and a small teeka on forehead (they have no policies about the teeka…yaay!!!) … and when people refer you as Ms.Vaastav…all you wanna ask is “Meri gun kahan hai???”



11 thoughts on “Kya Pehena Hai Aaj Aapne??

  1. awwwwwwwwwww… i too miss college…. and my over sized clothes… (okay, lets not talk about my then-oversized clothes whic dont fit me anymore.. Duh)..

    btw your title sounded like those cheepo guys who want to indulge in sex talk.. you know, on those public chat rooms.. hehehe… 😀

  2. Don’t even get me started on this topic. My office had a strict dress code policy. Formals, as in proper proper formals.

    Suits and ties for men, dress shirts and straight pants and ties in summers. Patent shoes.

    For women, suits, sarees or pant suits.

    For eight long damned years, we followed this policy and went to work everyday from April to October in Delhi heat in a tie and a full sleeve dress shirt.

    Sometime this February, something clicked in my mind, and I decided enough is enough.

    I finally mustered courage and issued an official circular doing away with the dress code barring those days when we have client or management visits.

    My staff is overjoyed, and I get to go to work in jeans, tees and open toe sandals!

    And no word of this to my bosses!

    They’ll never see is that way, would they?


    • wow yaar!!! Awesome…I cant even imagine that change in our office… I wish I could come in jeans everyday. And I find it sensible as all the client visits are pre-planned…we can be all formal that day but why to torture associates everyday…

  3. And it’s interesting to see what everyone wears everyday!

    The vintage staff is trying to recover from the shock and I still see them in dress shirts and ties. Finally, I did away with my dress shirts and ties and started out with polo shirts and they managed to find some time to shop then! 😛

    • LOL…yeah.. they must have been following that dress code for years and sudden change often bring in the ‘shock’…good that they are recovering 🙂
      may be they would come up and ask suggestions from you 😛 …where to shop and what to shop for? 😉

    • Even in college??? that’s strange…how did you get into the feeling of ‘the school is over’ then??

      And yeah…how did you break the rules here? weren’t you punished? 😛

  4. Hehe…thats right. Coincidentally, me and friends were talking about how immaculately dressed we are(in the sense of other girls wearing matching nail polish, earrings etc etc) but hell, nobody its all cool!!

    • hmmmm…you still have time before you start working…lucky you…karlo abhi jitne experiments karne hain…office me everybody would pin point every other thing that you do, say, wear, eat etc 👿

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