Some More Memories…

This green thingie in the image which is worldwide known as balloon, reminded me of my Dino today. While I was playing with it I recalled how Dino used to bark at the balloons and many of them were his victims, one touch of his sharp tooth and boom…the balloon is gone. And this loud noise in turn would scare him… and he used to come to me for help 🙂

Cute he was, innocent…but not for outsiders 😛

While coming to office in the morning when I was busy listening to music, Shivani pointed towards a car where a German Shepherd was seated at the back seat….looking out in all directions. Accompanying him was a comparatively small doggie, not sure about the breed though; but was all black. Both of them were seated quietly and were huffing in rhythm. When our cab overtook the car I saw another German Shepherd in the same car sitting opposite the previous two. The Ford Endeavour later turned towards the Chhatarpur Farm Houses, no wonder three other huge dogs must be waiting for the three in the car to welcome them home.

I remembered how people used to peek in to our car especially at red signals to have a glimpse of him. And whenever bhai used to park the car and step out, the first thing Dino used to do is climb up to sit on the drivers’ seat. Just like in the pic at upper right corner of this page.



6 thoughts on “Some More Memories…

  1. 🙂

    That’s exactly what my Snowy used to do with balloons too. But boy, was he scared of those bangs and booms or what… One had to search really hard to find him hiding in some un-imaginable place during Diwali days… 🙂

    Wish I could have met Dino. Surely I’d have made friends with him too, as I usually do with all K9s… 🙂

    • hahahaha….Dino was a tough one…I can’t imagine him being friends with anyone except the family members…

      And yeah…Diwali was an occasion…Dino used to do the same…I remember scolding a guy during Diwali for bursting crackers wrong way…me and Dino were out for a walk and a rocket cracked just a few steps away…Dino was few months old at that time and was so scared…He made me brave in a way 🙂

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