It was overwhelming to see my name in the list of tagged people when I read thisThank You Ramit

The very first random fact about me should be that I hardly get tagged by anyone 😦 … this one is the warm-up fact …the actual Seven are soon to follow…

I have tried to create a list keeping in mind that I share something that I haven’t shared before or may be a lil more detailed one…so here you go…

1) Something about Chocolates and Ice-creams – I hate chocolates…yeah you read it right…I HATE chocolates. The only one that I can managed to have is 5 star…cos it has lots of caramel. I am not fond of ice-cream either…. Does that make me an alien??

I remember eating 5 star and scaring the hell out of my friends by sticking it on my teeth (this in no way should indicate that I look horrible…you shall kick that thought out of your mind if it creeps in). And yeah…this clearly states that I don’t like Hot Chocolate Fudge either, for most my friends its H E A V E N (now I am sure you would certify me as an Alien)

2) Some more about Food – I Love to eat…spicy chatpata khaana… I Love everything that my Mom cooks except the leafy vegetables…tinda, lauki, tori etc. comes in this category of inedible food for me.

I Love non-veg food…but its been about 6months that I haven’t touched it. I left non-veg food for sometime. I stuck a deal with God that if he jaldi-jaldi will cure my brother of jaundice and it’s after effects then I’ll leave non-veg for about a year. *Touchwood*

Apart from non-veg I am deprived of normal food these days too…cos I decided to go on dieting and am following a diet plan made by a dietician… as a result of which I was able to wear my old Capri after years. So, this is the only thing that motivates me these days…as sometimes (more than a couple of times in a day) depression takes over and I keep thinking ‘kya life hai yaar….na kha sakte…na so sakte’ (I have early morning office so have to get up at 5:30 am…itna jaldi toh school time pe nahi uthi)

3) Something about the clothes I choose to wear – I like to dress up differently…in a nice way that is. If you see me in usual days (other than office days) where I can be myself… then you would notice something or the other which would stand out… be it the bag that I like to carry, or the earrings, or the bracelet, or my hand made tattoos (sample is on FB)…or it could simply be the smile. I also like Nandita Das look…kohl eyed, almost no lipstick…and the one that Vidya Balan portrayed in Paa…ethnic…

I have also been commented and related to hippie style of dressing…

4) Wishing Birthdays – I like to wish those who are close to me at sharp 12 midnight on their Birthdays & Anniversaries (only If I remember the dates) or any other occasion like mother, father, brother, bhabhi day…V-Day, Diwali, Dussehra etc etc. I wake them up at 12 for the same purpose.. I also can’t wait to give them their gifts… there were times when I couldn’t wait for a couple of days to keep the surprise. By the way…ek din ye aadat mujhe le doobi thi 😛

5) News Papers/Channels – Its been over 4 months that I haven’t read New paper or have watched News on TV. Delhi Times once in 2 weeks could be an exception to see movie schedules or Hot Hunks… but that’s it. Depression takes over if I read News paper or see News on TV. They somehow seem to concentrate only on the dark side of everything…bringing out problems is good but what’s going right should also be highlighted… and this is very rare.

6) People always wonder what am I doing here? – “Tu yahan kya kar rahi hai??” is something that I have been hearing since the day I showcased my talent to people in office or friends in general. Ek poet ki sabse badi beemari ye hoti hai k kuchh likhne k baad they feel restless jab tak wo lines kisi ko suna na de… this use to happen to me a lot… maine bohot logo ko pakaya hai apni poems suna suna k. ye shayad unki (bad)duyaain hi hain that I cant think of anything these days… surprisingly there were many people who loved my poems, there were few who asked me to write for them too… you know.. girl/boy friend ko dene k liye senti poems… there were many who told me that they would be the first one to buy the book if someday I think of getting them published :mrgreen: … then when few of my friends and colleagues came to know that I sketch too…I heard The Question again. I gifted my first sketch to my very old school friend on the occasion of her marriage… the pretty framed sketch is adorning the wall of her house and few days back she told me that whenever her hubby look at that sketch he asks her “what is she doing in office??” …and there are 2 people in particular who wonder why I don’t start up writing a book 😛 … well, a lot to be done before that..

7) Now something about guys 😀 – I usually have 4-5 crushes at one point of time (yeah…I am still stuck at that phase of life!!!).. and when one crush continues for more than a month it becomes liking and when this liking grows month on month till next 6 months it becomes Loue…and yeah …. This is not based on the condition that I should be ‘in-conversation’ with the person…but haan there should be an urge to start one and as per the stats I must have fallen in Loue 1000 times by now….naaahh… I am not exaggerating. But the thing is… so far in this New Year…no one has reached the level of being called my crush, though my eyes do turn towards some faces around but then that’s itt… I just feel that they are nice to look at…

And yeah… Married and engaged guys are out of my list right from day one… and I do like Bald guys too… my Mom wonders why? And I tell her that you get a wide area to plant a Kiss 😛

Oops!!! I never thought this post to be this long… this shows how much I like to talk (yet another fact) … I was referred as chalta-phirta cartoon network once 😳

Some complimentary facts for you which I don’t think needs a mention cos if you have been on this page ever you would have figured it out… but then I want to mentioned that I am a BIG movie buff,,,, I like all the movies (conditions applied**) and last but very important…. I LOVED my Dino and I am still heads-over-heel for him…. And would always be…

Psst: I have already decided a nick name for my baby boy (kabhi toh hoga hi 😛 ) …do I need to mention that?

Edit: Forgot the most important thing….tagging further

And finally… I  would like to take this opportunity to tag the following (in alphabetical order):








and this also totals to 7 🙂


17 thoughts on “Tag-a-thon

  1. M clapping my hands in excitement… Its been long since I was tagged…. thanks for tagging me sweety… I will surely do this as soon as I get time.. 🙂

    and I am quite surprise at the chocolates thingie…

  2. 😮

    It’s the first time I’ve been tagged… Well let’s see how I fare with this one.

    By the way, is it really necessary to tag someone else further after I complete it ??

    • Ohhh… And yes…

      Your points no. (2) and (6) go just the same with me. Those things you mentioned in (2) are equally inedible for me. I guess you already know my choice in food… 😀

      And people are always asking me too that what am I doing here (in the medical field), as usually I can be seen advising even computer engineers about how to fix some computer problem… 😛

      But as you already mentioned those points in your post, I guess I can’t add those to mine. 😦

    • thats great…i am first here 😀

      ek aadh ko toh tag karna or if not anyone in specific you can mention that everyone who wants to take it up can…or everyone who reads it would automatically get tagged…i think tag in itself mean that you would forward the torch ahead….baki koi intelligent vyakti ispe roshni dalna chahe toh most welcome hai…

      • Yeah…your preference in food is something that I have left for a year 😀

        it would be no fun if you take ideas from my post, I would like to read something new…so you better put that thinking cap on 🙂

  3. … it should not come as a surprise… but… i am confused about this whole ‘tag’ thing…i read TBG’s post on this as well… and still… can u shed some gyan? … or mebbe i need some sleep?… i am confused again! 😐

    • You had a doubt that I might not do it??? Even after that SUPER enthu comment on your post???? Oh Jeez…when would people start believing me??? 😛

      And yeah…one more random fact about you (apart from being bald that is..) is that you are now ineligible… 😛

  4. Ineligible for what? I’ve given all the entrance exams I had to in my life! No more Cats and Bats and Tats please!

    Oh yeah, and just so you know, I flunked all of them! 😛

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