NH8, 1:36 am, baarish, long drive….

Gharwale ajeeb hai…jab sona hota hai toh bahar le aate hain…not actually all..but Bhai in particular…he is fond of driving….long drives. So when the plan for going out of delhi was cancelled…or may be its still on…its all so confusing….so anyway…when it was tentatively cancelled he thought of coming to gurgaon…all of us…to pick bhabhi from her office. Not a bad idea actually when I feel the drops of rain falling on me…with windows of the car wide open….the speed of wind is something yet to be calculated…and the radio is on….with the song…nazar k saamne jigar k paas from ashiqui blowing my ears with full volume…its feels nice…i mean….naaiiiicee 🙂

PS. Jigar k paas toh lungs hote hain…ya pancreas *thinks*


10 thoughts on “NH8, 1:36 am, baarish, long drive….

  1. … it rained i GGN??…. ah man!… God is so mean… idhar pune waalon ne kya gunah kiya hai?? … atleast badal to bhej do…

    • Delhi me bhi hui thi…kuchh logo ne bohot punya kiye hain you know 😛

      Next time phoonk maarke badaloan ko poona k direction me dhakel denge…ok?? 😀

      Btw….tum wapas bhi chale gye…inni jaldi??

  2. Ohhh… It rained in Delhi ?? I’ve been seeing clouds flying by in bits and pieces after midnight here. Didn’t know they were returning after doing their bit around NCR… 😦

    Well, to be precise, the right lung is close to the liver (jigar). In fact, it literally rests on the liver. But the closest thing to jigar would be the Gall bladder. Don’t know what they call it in Hindi… 😛 😀

    And yes, the Pancreas isn’t too far either… 😀

    • Arrey bohot thodi si baarish hui thi…paani b jama ni hua..so you can understand…

      And about lungs, jigar and pancreas…now all the confusions and agruements end here as we have got the doc’s word 😀

  3. did i miss the rain.. I remember that the weather was quite good 3-4 days back, i think.. But did it rain.. ??

    shit, I shouldnt have moved to noida… 😐

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