Wearable or Unbearable

 One instance that Parv mentioned in his Blog post made me write this.

We have said and heard enough about the ‘desired’ Dresscode policy for girls and sometimes some people initiated to be the moral police for the same. A girl should be allowed to wear what she wants to…I totally…. I mean TOTALLY support that. It’s an individual choice…. What to and what not to wear. I don’t have the right to say anything on that. But what I would like to mention here is…if we consider freedom as one side of the coin… the other one has to be responsibility.

I know that women in NO WAY invites to be raped if she wears 2-piece on a beach… or a mini skirt to a pub… or a spaghetti on a road, but does that mean we can wear anything and everything…anywhere and everywhere?? Do we have a responsibility towards others?? Yes, we do. Why am I even bringing this up…this responsibility quotient?? Well…I consider myself to be a part of society and yes I do have some responsibility towards it. We all are…aren’t we?? Imagine… you are with your family in a park and you find out that at the other end there is a couple having sex. Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable?? I know this is an extreme example but I couldn’t think of anything else.

When we go for dinner at a relatives’ place, do we dress up like we are going for a party???

All I want to say is that there is an occasion for every dress… no body is stopping you from wearing those tank/tube tops, spaghettis or mini skirts but please re-consider if the occasion calls for it. This is Common Sense…can’t we apply that while dressing up for daily routine?

Some might think that I am trying to harm the ‘right’ of a girl…Right of wearing anything that she wants to… well if you think that way then may be you would never get my point.

Even if a guy walks out of his home in an inner-wear, people would still stare at him. Its not a matter of gender… it’s the matter of how we represent ourselves.

This is 21st Century… we shouldn’t be talking like this… we are modern.., we should be allowed to wear whatever we want to… agreed!!!

Anything that makes you look beautiful is worth it… but one should avoid anything that looks vulgar…and since when clothes have started being the ambassadors of ‘modern thoughts’??

We need to think…


10 thoughts on “Wearable or Unbearable

  1. … i guess what u r trying to say is that we as individuals need to use basic senses before deciding what to wear… and if that is the case, i agree… a low waist jeans is not appropriate in office… irrespective of the gender of the person… i recall a statement made by some celebrity … “before stepping out i stand in front of a mirror… i bend over and stretch out… if i see what i don’t want others to see i change the outfit”

    … we as a society has a long walk to take before wo/men can wear whatever they want in public without getting stares… amen!

    • …your guess is Absolutely right, women primarily were pointed out cos I have seen such cases mostly… men dont have much to ‘show off’ but some of them still manage to ‘catch the attention’..

  2. thnk you for sharing the link.. and yes u r right.. i think you have succeeded in putting your views forward and i very well agree with it.. i feel the same. i think you have used a very good word and that is “responsibility” which evry1 should consider!

    • …Thank you for finally bringing it up…it took a month for you to make up your mind to post this?? Blogger’s meet ko ek maheena ho gaya….

      and I guess the word automatically attach itself to us when we cross a certain age…a kid is not suppose to be responsible for anything… but as grown ups if we dont feel responsible for ourselves and for things around us then I dont think we have a right to blame anything else…be it the country or the system or politicians or corruption…Charity begins at home after all…

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