The Hut Effect

..not the English wala Hut but the Hindi wala  हट

and now you must be wondering what is it all about??

Well…lemme start from the very beginning…

Chun is my childhood friend. It was a ritual for us to meet everyday… and that is EVERYDAY… irrespective of anything…be it rains, summers, aandhi-toofan (tyre-puncture 😛 ) or exams. Yeah, even exams.

So we would meet everyday.

And there was one fact about this girl…she was damn scared of dogs.. I mean DAMN SCARED. A lot of times she made it absolutely easy for the vehicle passing across her to hit her…once this vehicle was as big as a bus…but thankfully she managed to save herself from both the DANGERS… the vehicle and the Dog.

We brought Dino home and I remember how she used to scream if he happened to be in the circumference of 15feet. Then came Chiku. Once she was at my terrace with Chiku (as a shmall pupp) and he wanted to meet her so badly that he would not listen to anyone. This girl climbed up the partition wall and was about to jump off to the adjoining terrace.

I had to face manyyyyy immensely embarrassing situations cos of this…ek baar we were out for an evening walk when we saw a black lab coming towards us (no leash attached), the 2 guys kept saying that he wont do anything… I partially believed them (as by then I did not master the art of being friends with pets…this was before Dino era)…but Chun was screaming at the top of her voice…unintentionally getting the attention of passers by… now this isn’t it…no… not at all… instead of running, standing stiff…she chose to make me as her ‘dhaal’…as she was taking shelter behind me she was pulling the sleeves of my shirt without knowing what this particular action was doing to me… anyways, the guys were as relaxed as ever… instead of catching the dog they were eased out and took their own sweet time to come and pull the dog away…finally we were free and I told my dear friend what she did… we still talk about this and laugh…this was embarrassing but then not as embarrassing as this.

So, when there were no clues of her getting rid of this ‘darr’…even after Silver Jubilee of her life.. they (she and her family) took the decision of bringing one home…after someone’s suggestion. Last year in March they brought Joey home. Though she still gets scared of street dogs,,,but not to that extent.

She got a tip from Swati…Chiku’s owner that while taking Joey out for a walk if any street dog try to come near …shout हट and it will run off. There were instances when Chiku was hurt by some street dogs and in the event of saving him Swati was also hurt…and that was just a couple of days before her marriage. So, Chun is extremely careful while taking Joey out for a walk. Once, I happened to accompany both of them for a walk. And there was this street dog looking at us about 10-15 feet away… I was normally talking to Chun when she at the top of her voice shouted हटटटट… apart from that bechara street dog she scared me too. I was wondering what happened to her… she was absolutely in her sense a minute back and suddenly she is shouting हटटटट…once I recovered from the shock I couldn’t help but laugh…as in the ROFL kind of laugh…this was one of its kind. Though Chun has her own points in her defense but whatever they are… they all fade out in front of this हटटटट effect … LOL 😛


6 thoughts on “The Hut Effect

  1. 😀

    Well, if she has started taking Joey out for a walk, then that’s surely a BIG step for her. 😛

    I remember taking my uncle’s big black lab out for a walk in Jaipur when I was barely a feet taller than himself. Well, it was me who had taken him out, but it was him who brought (dragged) me in…. After a chase behind a poor street dog…. I spent the rest of the vacation with bruised elbows and knees… 🙂

    Lesson : Never take a dog out for a walk before you are more than a couple of feet taller than him. 😛

    • LOL…that’s why I never used to take Dino out for a walk, till the time it wasnt mandatory…but by then he became quite mature and behaved like a good boy… he never troubled me, infact he used to keep looking back at me after few steps to make sure I am not in trouble…

      And for my friend…I think she deserves a Bravery Award after this…infact these days she keeps boasting about her encounter with trained military dog whom she met in Metro… she was very caressing him while all others were watching in awe 😛

      Pet Therapy does help…. 😀

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