UP वाला ठुमका लगाऊ के हीरो जैसे नाच के दिखाऊ

Yeah…I felt the same after hearing this one… कौन से डब्बे में से गाना निकाला है??

But as if, the one sitting adjacent to me has taken a pledge to make me listen to these irritating his favorite songs… that too; in no Udit Narayan or Shaan’s voice… in his own voice coupled with his funny expressions.

So right from the morning I am listening to such his songs and surprisingly I am not getting irritated… I am laughing instead. thinking that how can someone even remember such songs and then sing them too…??

Amidst these songs is a camp….Blood Donation Camp.. There is a bus in the premises with all the recent facilities to suck blood from bodies of the victims. I tried too… I have been trying for half a decade now..but every time I try I fail cos of bloody hemoglobin. And its very less, on the contrary to how I look…plump that is. And people often make fun of me 😦 . And when I tell them that Rana’s HB is more than mine they laugh even more 👿

So while I was away trying to do this awesome job of donating my blood, someone succeeded in stealing my chair. Yeah…right…when I came back to my workstation from the scorching heat I found out that there is no chair. There are 3 types of chair and the one that I feel comfortable in is in scarcity. So everyday I come to office and search for one for myself….and mind you …the idle one. But there are some people who need to be taught about the basic etiquettes. See…there is a chair at a workstation…the screen is locked…isn’t it enough a hint that somebody is already sitting?? Ok…if its not enough… I have a huge bag at my workstation, there was a notepad, my sipper and empty Lunchbox too…even then??? I hate such people…. I mean HATE such people…

Anyways…I found myself a new chair…which is making noises every time I move a muscle…complimenting (as music) to the ‘singer’ sitting next to me….

*Sigh* what an awesome day!!!

By the way…here is the list of songs…you might find them amusing….go ahead and download today!!! 😛

  • मेरी छतरी के नीचे आजा
  • कोई हसीना जब रूठ जाती है तो
  • अ आ ई उ उ ऊ मेरा दिल ना तोड़ो
  • गोविंदा आला रे आला
  • यारा ओ यारा मिलना हमारा
  • छोटी सी उम्र में लग गया रोग कहते हैं लोग मैं मर जाउंगी
  • बाबुल की दुआएं लेती जा
  • लकड़ी की काठी…काठी पे घोडा
  • सलाम-ए-इश्क इश्क इश्क ….सलाम-ए-इश्क
  • धूम ता ना …. (Om shaanti Om)
  • राजू चाचा राजू चाचा come come come…. आये गए कितने ही मौसम

…and of course the one in the title is included… isn’t this an awesome list???? 😛

Edit: I forgot to add one more thing that I did yesterday. There was one elevator which had no lights. Yeah, it was working fine except the lights were out of order and as we are most of the times in a hurry to reach to the desired ‘destination’ on time we are not bothered about the lights as our cellphones have enough of it in the form of mini torch. So, while going for my stint with Blood donation I was accompanied by Rana and fortunately/unfortunately the same ‘defected’ elevator stopped and we hopped in. From 3rd floor to 1st…I had enough time to scare Rana as it was all dark the only light was of my cellphone torch which I placed at my chin… try it out once and you would know how to scare people during power failures (this used to be my favorite timepass as kid during power cuts, I used to scare the hell out of my brother). The devilish laughter complimented the prank. Though she dint get a heart attack, she did get a laughter attack once we were out of the elevator. While coming back it was the same elevator, but this time there were few people in the lift. So, Rana might have thought that I would behave this time…. Thus, she didn’t hesitated in stepping in. But, to her disappointment I don’t care about others 😛


14 thoughts on “UP वाला ठुमका लगाऊ के हीरो जैसे नाच के दिखाऊ

  1. 🙂

    Is the singer sitting next to you a guy ? And if yes, is he single ?? If yes again, then better be prepared to expect some more masterpieces…. 😉

    😛 😀

  2. Plz don’t insult Mr. Rafi by putting his song in the same list as the meaningless songs of today. I might not be a fan, yet he is one of the legends of Bollywood!
    Agree with you about most of the other songs though…truly ‘bakwaas’; I kinda like “lakdi ki kathi”…maybe because my kids love it and it has that thing about bringing back your own childhood memories.

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