Asking For A Lil Bit…

This is what I just received in an email and made sense to me, so thought of posting it here. May be some of you would do this lil bit for those we usually ignore.


Summer is here and its going to be equally harsh to the animals around us. Kindly do your tiny bit by keeping a bowl of fresh water out side your balcony or garden.

* not only birds even animals for that matter need this lil help.




“Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened”


Delhi has already crossed 40 degree Celsius, coolers and ACs are already out for most of us. Do we ever think of animals and birds who can’t have ACs and Coolers??

When we sweat like crazy…they probably take their last breath.

…we sure can do something to help them survive this scorching heat…isn’t it??


15 thoughts on “Asking For A Lil Bit…

  1. oye! i got that email as well… good! i urge u to stand outside ur office with cold water in a pan and help these poor birds… :p

      • phew! i just came back after standing in the sun for… like … i don’t know… couple of days… and ALL the birds in my kaaloni are now totally fida! … i guess it is ur turn now?? … keep the camera and post some pics as well… :p

  2. I always have one saucer out on the deck for the birds. I’ll put some more out too starting right now.

    You’re sweet. Thanks for sharing this.

    • We keep 3…one at terrace, one in kitchen window and one downstairs…the one in kitchen is the most used one…infact jab bohot zada garmi ho jati hai toh we keep changing the water..and put ice too..cos even the water kept outside for so long becomes hot…

      Thanks 😀

  3. We at our home have two separate bowls of water for birds and another one for stray K9s. We had to add another bowl as some of the crows do not let the little birds share with them. 🙂

    But the lil ones are naughty enough as they enjoy their mid-afternoon baths in the big bowl for the crows. 😉 🙂

    I live in the neighbourhood of our city zoo and have been reading the animals’ woes of heat and water for some time in the newspapers. Am planning to do something about the poor souls.

    Extremely glad that someone brought this up. For once, this e-mail would be a nice one to forward to as many people as you can. 🙂

    • I usually dont foward mails unless its too funny or touches your heart…this one needed attention… in our area we are the only ones who have kept the bowl outside for stray animals… its difficult to keep a track when it needs to be re-filled… i wish everyone could think towards it so that poor animals have some options..

      What are you planning to do btw???

      • Well, as a start, I’m planning to file in a RTI to the zoo’s Director asking him about using the funds towards keeping the animals cool in these hot days.

        As the newspapers had mentioned, they have done nothing to even provide extra drinking water, leave alone put cool shades in the various cages. Being in a cage is bad enough. But being in a hot burning cage…

        And I’m going to take it up with the print media too. They always seem to have enough space. The electronic media barely gets to fit celeb marriages or scandals in between commercials which they show as NEWS. So it is hopeless to expect them to take notice.

  4. When you set out to do some good, you will find many people mocking you and discouraging you. Many do not even spread the positive…yet they always find pleasure in propagating the negative – scandals et al.
    Good effort from you to make an effort to proliferate compassion! Every word that says something good, counts in today’s world that is smitten with hatred.
    To people who do not believe in this kind of efforts – have you ever fed a living being? Do it and you would know the immense satisfaction that you feel and probably you might want to get a repeat of that feeling!

    • hmmm…. I can see whom you are pointing to 😛

      But dont worry, everyone has emotions its just that something that might trigger emotions in me might not succeed for someone else. And, there are people whom you just love to tease. ‘we’ share that sort of connection I guess…

  5. AWESOME! Love this post.
    Accha, I have this plan of opening up an Animal shelter when I have enough money. If we are still in touch when I get there, I can count you in na???

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