Its Not Just About Giving Birth To A Child..

eM was in a meeting when he disconnected a call. Call came again and again it was disconnected. “Someone’s really desperate to talk” he thought, as the call came again. This time he picked it up. It was the Principal on the line, telling him that his wife failed to pick the children up and they have been sitting in the school-yard for over 2 hours. eM panicked and left the meeting in between. He tried Mi’s number it was switched off. He rushed to school. Within an hour he was at the school gate, he went inside and saw both of them sobbing. When they saw him, they came running to hug their father. They cried harder this time, it was difficult for him to calm them down. Lucy was 9 and Luke was just 7, the word ‘ice-cream’ did wonders to calm them down. eM apologized to the Principal and took a leave. On their way back home, eM bought them their favorite ice-cream flavors. Lucy and Luke were totally opposite, Luke loved chocolate…hated vanilla whereas Lucy hated chocolate and always had vanilla. They now looked normal, shouting and fighting with each other. But eM was still worried….about Mi, who has never been so irresponsible before…how could she do this to their children??? With these thoughts playing kung-fu in his mind, he pulled up their car in the parking lot of the society. Children ran towards the elevator. Luke knew that he would not be able to press that elevator button as he is not as tall as his sister, but then he would not step back in giving competition to her. Lucy would flaunt her superiority of being able to reach to that button, so what if she had to jump and try 2-3 times!!! By the time their father came the elevator was their. Lucy entered the elevator with so much of excitement, she always did… as if its the first time she saw that machine or would never be able to see that again. On the other hand Luke suddenly turned into a ‘rockstar’ with his constant hi-pitch rhythmic talks. eM smiled at both of them, Thanking God for sending these two angels in his life.

Elevator stopped at the eleventh floor, where their apartment was. eM found that the door was already open. They entered the house to find Mi having a discussion with an Advocate about divorce. Jack, Mi’s boyfriend; was also their. Mi and advocate were sipping coffee in the hall and Jack was in the balcony adjacent to the hall…smoking a cigar. Mi must have realized what she forgot, as eM caught her looking at the wall clock; but there was no regret on her face. She continued with her discussions, ignoring the greetings of her children. eM ofcourse was furious…fuming with anger. Just one more thing and it would break it all. Children after being ignored by their mother started fighting to seek her attention. Luke was a step ahead of Lucy in these kind of fights, Lucy’s long golden hair were easy to grab and pull. Luke did the same, making Lucy scream for her mom’s help. Mi came running to Lucy, only to slap her and to remind her of elder ones’ responsibilities. This was more than enough for the volcano to erupt in eM’s mind. The couple started shouting at each other. eM told Mi how irresponsible she is and that she don’t deserve to be a mother. Mi told her that she was sick n tired of everything…that she made a mistake by marrying him and then by conceiving twice. Advocate interrupted their argument by telling her that he has another appointment and would have to leave. Jack offered to drop him off and told Mi that he would come back in an hour. As soon as they closed the door behind them the verbal fight continued with more and more abusive words. Lucy and Luke were sitting on the couch, still in their school uniform; trying to comprehend what was happening in front of them. Though it wasn’t new to them, but every time it happened it forced them to change. In the past couple of years Lucy’s teachers have been a witness how this bright active girl turned into an introvert, she started stammering and cried on stage. They all wanted to know what was happening to her. Luke on the other hand was not very bright, he was more into playing Baseball but off-late he had stopped playing, would rather just sit down in the stands and watch others play. He sometimes was found crying.
Today was not like previous days, Lucy knew what divorce meant she learned it from a TV show. She started crying, watching her sister cry…Luke followed. Verbal and abusive fight soon turned physical. Mi turned to the kids and accused them of being jinxed. As per her, they were a bad luck. Mi kept shouting even when she was pulled away by eM. They were fighting in the kitchen now. Mi slapped eM and pushed him, making his head bang the sink tap. eM could only see a butcher knife now, he grabbed it and moved towards Mi. After a few minutes of running around, when he was about to stab her; he heard Luke’s shout. They both turned towards the voice, Luke was in the balcony leaning forward. Both ran to catch him and pulled him back. It took a while for them to realize that Lucy had jumped off from the balcony of their 11th floor apartment. Her tiny body was lying in the pool of blood.
The poor soul couldn’t think of any other option to save her mom from the anger of her dad or may be she thought that life after that event would not be worth living.
Whatever it was…we can only make assumptions now. Do you think eM and Mi would have stopped fighting after this? Did they finally get a divorce? What must have happened to Luke?
There wasn’t any scope of improvement in eM and Mi’s relationship. They got the divorce, eM dint find it worth fighting for after Lucy’s death. Mi got married to Jack, whom she caught cheating not just once or twice but at many occasions. Every time it was a different female. She eventually divorced him too and lived alone thereafter. And for Luke, nothing was ever the same for him. He lived with his father and continued to visit different psychiatrists from the age of 7 till eternity. He stopped taking elevators, they reminded him of her sister who committed suicide cos of those two people whom they loved the most.
Domestic Violence harms in many ways…more than what one can comprehend. Think about your children before fighting in front of them. No matter how old they are, they can never take it. Choosing between parents is not what they live for…


10 thoughts on “Its Not Just About Giving Birth To A Child..

  1. It was quite sad.. I wish Lucy hadn’t jumped. You know what Garima. Since the past few days I have been quite disturbed. Over some things for which I have no answer. And this kind of a scene has made an imprint in my mind.

    I dont know but I am too upset these days.

    The only thing I can say here is that it was not just Mi’s fault but eM too was equally at fault. It is best to keep quiet than to fight back. If Mi cheated and things werent going as they should be, then its better to part ways. Children always bind the relationship between a husband and wife. If Lucy and Luke didnt mean anything to Mi then it would have been better for them all. Perhaps Lucy would still have been alive.

    • …I would try to come up with something different next time… hopefully not this sad…

      coincidently…even I was not in a good mood when I wrote this…

      hope you are feeling better now…

  2. I don’t know how I landed on your blog and what prompted me to read this post(should I call it a story?). It was intriguing and the climax was a little unexpected.

    I do a bit of writing myself and thought it was overall a good read.
    Looking forward to read more…

    Best Wishes,

  3. Loved the way you’ve presented your blog. Its truly the most simple theme one will find in the whole blogosphere. No excess of extras, and not too much words. Simply elegant. 🙂

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