Some Dreams Make You Wake Up At 5am With Teary Eyes…

…and when you wake up, you cry even harder. I am at Rana’s place for a couple of days and when I slept she was still working on submissions. When I woke up (at about 5am) and realized that I’m crying hard, I looked around for her (thinking that I would have scared her); but found out that she was sleeping with the lights on. I got up switched off the lights, came back in the blanket and took this cellphone up to soothe my disturbed mind by writing an email to my blog, which you would read as a post.
Dream was weird (they usually are)….I belonged to a community which was dominated by a group of bandits and I lost my family in fighting against them. Parents in the dream dint resemble mine so till the time I lost them I thought its some story, but my brother in the dream resembled mine. So when things were getting harsh on him, my unconscious mind started believing that its happening to me. And when I lost him in the dream I was devastated. When I woke up I was sobbing with pillow clutched in my hand…tightly.
Today is Mother’s Day and I want to Thank my Mom for bringing my Brother in my life….and ofcourse Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and to all the Mom’s out there.
OW. I slept again between half of this post which I started writing at 5…and when I woke up about half an hour back there was a missed call from my Brother at around 5:45.


8 thoughts on “Some Dreams Make You Wake Up At 5am With Teary Eyes…

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  2. I’ve stopped believing in dreams ever since I dreamed that the treatment would make me grow back my hair naturally.

    Two weeks of oils and potions and exercises, I lost the last three too.

    So there.

    Oh and good luck to your bro, and Happy Mommies Day to your mother.

    And you take care and I adore the peacock feathers.

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