This is for my Best Friend…

….who thinks that nobody cares for her.

This is just to let her know that there is this fantabulously Stupid girl who cares for her immensely… my heart aches everytime she is in tears. There were instances when I have been the center of everybody’s eye for supporting her no matter what… people tell me to stop talking on her behalf, its just that when I feel that she is weak and cant take a stand…I am there to take a stand for her.

There is this small group of friends that I have, for whom I can push myself to any limit; they are my second family. Same goes with all 3 of them. And this particular stupid girl, who thinks that no one cares for her; is always treated like a kid sister.

After almost two and a half decades of my life I have found a friend with whom I don’t have to hesitate before saying anything (barring few instances when I am angry with her) …and I Love her.

Yes… I LOVE YOU Rana!!!


8 thoughts on “This is for my Best Friend…

  1. so sweet of you garry 🙂 and YES I AM VERY LUCKY…….aur haan mene etne din bad aaj ye padha hai and u know y….. bcoz I m stupid aur mein apni stupid aur depressing thinking se bahar aane ki struggle mein lagi hu…. aaj thora better lag raha tha to login kar lia aapka blog padhne ke liye…….thanks yaar mujhe aur mera friday ka behaviour jhelne ke liye

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