Happy Birthday….!!!

Hi Dino,

Its around 11 pm and I have started writing this post to be on time…to wish you where ever you are…

Happy Birthday Dino…!!!

Everytime I think of doing something special in my own way to wish you…it might not be anything for anyone but it means alot to me..though I am never satisfied with whatever I do and I would never be…but it makes me feel somewhere closer to you. That doesn’t mean that all the other times you are far from me…no..but these little things give me a different high…

I am sure everybody would remember it at home, but I am wondering if anyone would acknowledge it…but I would make sure that we celebrate the day you were born to be a part of our lives.

I would go and meet your look-a-like tomorrow…Joey. And we might go and meet Cheeku too. It would be a double treat for me..

Wish you a life full of smile…may you live long and achieve the purpose of your new life… I hope to meet you before I die…

Here I am at midnight with teary eyes wishing for you and wishing you Happy Birthday!!!

I LOVE YOU Baby…mmmuuuaaah!!!

Yours Lovingly,

PS. And by the way…did I tell you that I have become self-sufficient and dont rely on xyz to post a blogpost for your birthday on time… 🙂


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