I am sure you can relate this word with most of your relatives, if not…lucky you!!!

I have lots of them…which when needed turn their back but are all in when not required. The most irritating thing is that they ‘occur’ without notification. Hence, we lose on the opportunity of making excuses to avoid such dangerous confrontations. Every meeting turns out to be fake, right from ‘welcome’ till ‘see you again’. Hell!!! No…I don’t want to see them again. Family get-togethers are enough of meetings…more than that is overdose.

I do have few relatives that we long to meet; they are the ones who over the period of time have proved to be the genuine ones. We often call them for dinner (so it’s a planned meeting) or they often come over for a cup of coffee (hence, there is no overdose).

These fake encounters are always surrounded by the probability of arguments. If by chance any of the parties portrays their discontentment towards any behavior of the opposite party in the past, the series of justifications and pin-pointing each other for past instances kicks off with no end to it. More-over, it doesn’t matter how much you treat these relatives with, there would always be something or the other they would find out to pass comments on within the circle of relatives… which of course you would get to know later. Hence, the vicious circle would go on and on.

This makes me wonder more about relationships. Why are they so complicated? Why is it that even after trying our best, we still miss out on a lot of things as per them?


21 thoughts on “Unwanted

  1. 🙂

    Obviously, by relatives here you mean about those people we are connected to by our birth through our family trees. That’s just by chance, not by our choice. Right ?

    That’s why I still wonder why people give so much importance to the opinion of their relatives while selecting their friends or more so, their life-partners. And even more when it’s about selecting the life-partner for one’s child. We all seem to know that such ‘relatives’ wouldn’t even show their faces in times of need but spring out of nowhere, to object when you do something of your choice.

    We all should do away with such ‘relations’ of chance and give more importance to people of our choice.

    In fact, they shouldn’t even be called relatives. I guess they should be termed as ‘connectives’ or something… 😛

  2. But I found my relatives (ok, perhaps there is a definition problem here, my siblings came up in my mind when you mentioned relatives) are nice and the only ones who supported me in my hard times over the years.

    Right, I could recall some horrible relatives of my MIL. When they came to my home while I was unemployed, I need to hide myself, or they would spread the news that Underdog is such a poor man now.

    • I wont consider siblings as ‘relatives’…as they are the ones who know us way better than those I was refering to here. And they do stand by us most of the times….

      And once one gets married and get loads of relatives in ‘khairaat’…tab toh bhagwaan hi bachaye… these ones just keep looking for things to pull you down just like CBI searching for the clues of a murder case….*phew*

      Welcome to my Blog by the way…!!!

  3. So true!! Barring some of them of course!!
    Thankfully, our relatives always inform before coming…not that it makes us any more comfortable…but still a lot better than surprise! 😉

  4. I think one could convey to everybody to come only after calling, if somebody does not respect this basic courtesy they should be prepared to find you just leaving for somewhere . Relatives who are not considerate – their opinion does not matter. We can’t please the world anyway – my mantra is be yourself – those who like, us like us the way we are. Those who don’t – too bad. They are welcome to discuss every detail of what they do not like about us 🙂 … they are free to air their opinion. And if somebody judges us based on their opinion – their loss.

    • EXACTLYYY!!!!! but I find it way too difficult to explain it to my parents…when it comes to relatives I believe in tit-for-tat… If I am being treated nicely by them, they would get double in return…if they mistreat me, they would get double in return yet again 😛 ….this rather goes for everyone, If crap is what you give…then crap is what you get 😛 😛

      There is no option to like the comment here, but then lemme tell you that I Loved itt…!!

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