Butter-scotch!!! Not The Ice-cream But The Cake…

I’m very weird when it comes to my Birthday…. I’m always so excited about the birthdays of my family n friends, that I start making tentative plans weeks ahead. But the case with mine is different. I don’t like my Birthday, not cos I feel bad about growing old n less days left on this planet; but I don’t feel pleasant from with in. I don’t find a reason to ‘celebrate’. But I do become over sentimental around this time…no idea why??
I don’t know how to react when people smile n ask me ‘Hey…your birthday is round the corner…isn’t it??’. I end up smiling sheepishly with a nod in agreement. That’s the reason I try not to put that option, which would declare like a Breaking News “its Garima’s Birthday”; to everyone in my friends list. But seems that I couldn’t fix this on FB. Friend’s often complain for not activating such alerts, which would remind them about this ‘special day’ days in advance. I think those who feel happy with the fact that you are a part of their life and cherish you as a friend or a person would make an effort to wish you no matter what, rest would not take the pain even when informed. First group doesn’t need to be reminded as good wishes don’t really need a specific occasion, for the latter I don’t want them to take that burden. I am better off with or without their formalities. There would always be some who would fall in the grey area, they might not be aware about such ‘special’ days, but when ever they get to know they make it a point to send those wishes around. I don’t believe in the word ‘belated’ when it comes to good wishes…well, no matter when they arrive..they are always on time. Anyway…now when I am writing this post let me tell you that this particular ‘special’ day just passed by…yesterday to be precise (this is for those who fall in the grey area, those who are a part of the second group as mention before…please don’t bother!!!). There were certain things that I would like to mention. Why???
Well…there’s no particular reason except that they made me feel so wonderful.

~ There are few of my friends (Nea, Simran n Bharti to be precise) whom I thought would not remember this day…instead they messaged a day or 2 in advance asking about the plans. I felt glad.

~ Some called up at 12 midnight n sounded so excited, gearing up my mood too.

~ Jush made it a point to wish me at different intervals of time during that day, one of her friends wished me through a message too.

~ Rana finally recalled on time n Purba or Shivani were not required to remind her.

~ Marty never forgets this date and I know why….and everytime she reminds Ansh for the same, she makes me grin and knits yet another fond memory. ^_^

~ Vipin wrote something on a wall with a pic of mine with him and I felt like hugging him. I was wondering how many pics he would have searched through to zero down on one…when he knows that I dont like my pics, how could he select the one that I liked… ❤

~ Shalu’s mail and her comment on a certain post a day before made me feel overwhelmed. *Hugs*

~ Last but not the least…. I felt so thrilled when I got a call from my Manager and then heard everybody sing ‘Happy Birthday Song’ in their cheerful voices. Later I got to know that most of the people on the floor were cheering at that time. That was The Moment for me yesterday and I can’t stop but bring this up in every conversation that I am getting into since then. \m/

There were many who forgot the day…some expected and some were not. There were many who turned up…some expected and some were not. The unexpected in the latter category made me smile whereas the former made me wonder.

I had a very nice time yesterday…was busy throughout. Watched Rajneeti with Mom, went out for Dinner with family, special arrangement was made for a cake…Rana was on phone for the cake cutting ceremony singing in her lovely voice which everybody could hear as she was on loudspeaker.

Thank You guys for being their in my life…. You make it worth a celebration!!!

PS. This post might have confused you and you must be wondering what is it that I want exactly…if I like being wished then why I don’t update the alerts n why is it that I don’t like such days… Well, all I have to say is that – What are Geminies for?? To get confused about what they feel and to spread the same confusion around… Welcome to my world of confusion!!! (ooops…you are already a part of itt… 😛 )


13 thoughts on “Butter-scotch!!! Not The Ice-cream But The Cake…

  1. Hey, Happy Birthday! (not belated, as you specifically mentioned that in your post :-)) So my wishes are in time!

  2. Hey Garima, wishing you a wonderful Birthday !!! 😀

    Sorry for being late as I’m out of town and just now managed to read your post on my mobile. 😀

    By the way, I’m in Delhi and I’v a good mind to catch you up for a nice treat. 😀 😛

  3. No doubt about Geminies as I also come in the same category, by just removing one 1 from your birthday!! 😉
    I will be under no-color category but still wishes never hurts anyone especially from someone you don’t even know…
    Anyways belated Happy Birthday!!! I wish you cherish this day after years!

  4. Happy Birthday !
    Butterscotch happens to be my favorite flavor.
    And the best part is , in my case,there are people wish on time who don’t happen to be talking all the time.B’days are special and what makes them special is when someone remembers them.

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