The Sunday Lunch

I went to a friend’s place yesterday for Lunch. I was feeling quite awkward as it was for the first time a friend’s Mom called me up to meet for lunch… A Guy Friend’s Mom. That too, someone whom I dint see for the past half-a-decade, We were in the same organization, then he changed his office and then sometime later went to Canada for further studies and worked there too. A lot happened in our respective lives during this time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend his marriage too. And then after his marriage we dint talk for almost 4-5 months. But when we did, we started off from where we left. He came back to India for good a month back.

So I went for lunch at his place yesterday and I was feeling uncomfortable….is what I mainly was discussing. It was for the first time I was going at his place, so I wanted to take something along. You know a token of good wishes in a form of some flowers or chocolate. I have always seen my Mom taking something or the other to friends and relatives place whenever we visited them. At my level, I might not take anything when I go and meet my friends; but on an occasion like this I thought I should.

The plan was fixed a week in advance and then after that it happened that we dint get time to talk. On Saturday either I dint hear from him and I was wondering if the plan is still on. In the evening I made a call to him to check the same, but he dint mention anything. And it was quite absurd to ask, “I was suppose to come for Lunch tomorrow…remember??”. So after talking all the crap of around the world we disconnected and I still had no idea whether I should go or not. It was very clear from the call itself that he forgot about it and I dint know what to do!!! It would have been inconvenient for them if I turned up without confirming… and what if I skipped it and they made some preparations?? So I thought of sending a message asking about the plan for next day. And… I dint get a reply… so I watched a movie on my brand new Lappy till 1-ish (a.m.) and then I was on FB making some ‘records’ 😛 . I slept around 2:30 thinking that I would sleep till afternoon. I those dreams of waking up late were shattered when I get a call from him asking “When would you show up??”. I was like… “am I suppose to come??” …he was like “Of course!!!”

Me: “You dint mention anything yesterday so I thought that the plan has been cancelled”.

He: “Why would you think so?”

Me: “Cos you dint mention anything and neither did you reply to my sms”

He: “Yeah…cos I forgot when you called, then went out and forgot my cell at home…I saw your sms today morning. So when are you coming?”

Me: “I would take another hour and a half atleast to leave”

He: “That’s fine… See you then”

And then I found myself getting ready for the sudden change. It took about an hour to catch an auto…Delhi autowalaas are altogether a different topic…to be dealt separately 👿

And then in this entire hotchpotch I forgot to buy something. I had to call him downstairs to take me to the market when I was standing just outside his society. He came… how can he win an argument with me 😛 . We went to a Sweets Shop as the possibility of flowers and chocolates were rejected by him. I specifically asked him if they accept card payment to which he said yes, I was short of real currency. And when we finally decided what to buy, I offered my card for payment to which I got the looks of being an alien. I ended up borrowing money from him to buy sweets for his family…. Ultimate me!!! I knew it would not be an easy task to return the same to him…but as I mentioned earlier how can he win an argument with me?? 😈

I told him that I was feeling a bit uncomfortable but all those ‘uncomfortable feelings” vanished away when I met his Mom and his Wife. All in all I had a very nice time and a nice Lunch of course!!! His Mom made my day and many more yet to come days as she gave me my favorite Mango n Lemon pickle **Slurp**

And yeah….how can I forget about Honey??? Honey is their pampered pet. I am sure the most pampered family member …. just like Dino 😀

I am sure I must have behaved very stupidly yesterday … many a times. When it comes to interacting with my friend’s family (specially the elder ones) I do behave stupidly… but I think I did manage quite well 😛

Yet another day leaves its impressions in the memory lane…


10 thoughts on “The Sunday Lunch

  1. A nice one to start my Monday evening.And I don’t know why is 1″ish” / 10 “ish” thing becoming so popular these days.Seems you had a gala time and the past memories became “past” with the new “good” ones taking the place. Nice share.

    • Glad to know that my post gave your Monday evening a nice start 🙂

      I usually dont use ‘ish’ but while writing this one it just came in my mind and I wrote it… must have heard quite a lot of times it seems..cant remember any of them though 😛

  2. hahaha… so you finally went there… I was thinking of teasing you with this guy’s name because his mother called you for lunch… shayad meri shaadi ka khayal, dil mein aaya hai… isiliye mummy ne meri tumhe khane pe bulaya hai…

    but the guy is married… all my hopes shattered… bt koi nahi… let us spare a married man atleast…

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