किताबों में पड़ी एक याद बन के,

रेह जाउंगी मैं बस एक ख्वाब बन के,

जितना हो सके देख लो मुझे,

जहाँ तक हो सके रोक लो मुझे,

कल उड़ जाउंगी मैं एक उड़ान भर के

कभी आई गर दर पर युहीं थक के,

दो पल गुज़ार लेना यूँ बाहें भर के,

ठिकाना तो कहीं दूर होगा मेरा,

चली जाउंगी चुरा के आँख का एक आंसू तेरा,

रह जायेंगे देखते सब आँखें भर के


10 thoughts on “देह…

  1. Ohhh…

    Here’s a new side of you. Wow… !

    But why did you keep it in hiding for about two weeks ?? Do post these as soon as you pen them. 🙂

    • I was not in a very good mod when I wrote this… so I was a bit hesitant of posting it… infact there is one more that I wrote way back which is just a private post cos it was way tooooooo gloomy 😛

    • Thanks Manisha… I would want to write more but thoughts are interrupted most of the time these days… hopefully this Lost Poetess would be back….someday!!! 😀

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