Just finished talking to someone who made me feel even more lonely. Not that he said something to make me feel like that, infact he himself is at the same stage to an extent. He is someone I never expected to be this serious…as in THIS SERIOUS. And now after like one and a half or two hours of conversation, I’m feeling a lil sad. He is one of those whom you would see laughing and suddenly you also start smiling, forgetting about things that makes you worry…if not forever then atleast for the time being.
I dont know much about him and knew nothing about him when we actually started talking…I dont even remember what made me share certain things with him which I could not think of discussing with anyone around…I still believe that there is something unseen, unheard, untouched, unfelt which somehow guides you. As per him I can’t be friends with everybody and that I am choosy about making friends…I dont think so, we wouldn’t have been talking so seriously like this otherwise. No one knows…even I dont know…why, how, where, when, what…but it’s true that I am feeling even more lonely after talking to him…he must be enjoying with his friends right now…and I dont have many choices…so I would watch a movie…a Rom-Com would be perfect at this time..!!

PS. And yeah…the title of this post is his new nick name…. 😛


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