Happy Encounters

Yesterday was nice…. I mean naaiiiiiiice!!!

Apart from getting few compliments, I had papdi chaat…yeah I cheated on my diet plan…got mehndi done on my hand, missed someone whom I wanted to see, talked to someone I wanted to talk and most importantly… something happened after which I was grinning though out. I was so happy to have come across my School Teacher who used to teach me till 1996. And I was even more happy to know that she still remembered me 😀 . I was so so soooooo happy…!! We talked for about half an hour about how am I doing…where I am working…about my brother too. We talked about my classmates, we remembered old days and discussed people from school. It felt so nice so see her grinning every time I would ask her, “do you remember xyz?”. It was clearly visible how happy she was when I updated her about fellow classmates…she sure was feeling proud of everyone.

Since yesterday, I am recalling these moments again and again to feel good about life and all….


14 thoughts on “Happy Encounters

  1. That’s something I can very well relate to. Meeting old teachers somewhere and talking about the past. One of the most wonderful feelings that can leave you with. Specially if it is related to school days.

    Lucky you !

    • yeah…!!! felt realllyyyy nice…and while we were in school, we were so restless to complete it and go to college…it doesn’t take much time to realise what we have lost…
      And now when I talk to my school friends with whom I could never talk in school, I feel great!!
      😀 😀

      • For a change, while in school, I never ever waited for it to get over. I detested the idea of college. (Which later came to be true as I encountered so many selfish, manipulative and fake people in college !)

        But yes, as of now, I talk to a few of my school friends more than any other contrary to the fact that we hardly ever exchanged a single sentence while in school. 🙂

        And one special thing is that all us batchmates from school are still the same for each other and in contact too. 🙂

        Strange ?

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