I For An Eye Completes 2 Years!!!

Boih…!!! You can kill me..

I need to be punished for forgetting about it…. how can I??

It just shows how pre-occupied I am with absolutely nothing in my life.

Anyway, think about the punishment and let me know through the comments … I am feeling toooooo guilty of this Sin *sigh*

Back to the Breaking News now… I For An Eye is 2 years old!!! Yeppiiieeeee… 😀

It was on 21st July of 2008 when the great idea to create this blog popped up in my mind…and I implemented immediately.

It seems that I have been blogging all my life… 2 years seem to be a very small period of time.. I actually used calculator to subtract 2008 from 2010 😛 and was quite surprise to know that it’s just 2!!!

Its seems a lifetime…over the past 2 years a lot has happened in my life and my blog has seen it all through public and private posts.

And all of you readers have been of great help through thick and thin during these 2 years, each comment made me smile…every time I figured out a new person’s comment I would give myself a grin… with every new subscriber to my blog I would feel contented….with every milestone of my blog I feel even more connected to all of you out their sitting all around the world…

I have come across few of you who are regular to my blog but refrain from commenting or doesn’t want to be named …let me tell you that as far as you come here, feel happy and connected I have no issues…and let me also mention that I would Love to read/know what you feel about every post I write 😀 …good…bad…ugly…anything…

The journey so far has been immensely pleasurable with all of you here…looking forward to your support and feedback in the coming year and year after year … (I don’t have any intention to leave this place soon 😛 )

 Thank You…!!!


10 thoughts on “I For An Eye Completes 2 Years!!!

  1. awwwww.. congrats sweety… I just completed my first year with blogger… Good to know that its been 2 years since u started writing… whoaaaa… congrats sweety

    • yeah…your one year and the post for it was the first thing that stuck my mind after realizing that I am late to wish my Blog…I felt even more guilty once I recalled how you made it so special for your blog ^@^

      Thank You dear!!!

  2. Congratulations for completing two years with ‘I For An Eye’ and best wishes for the future.

    Talking of punishment, at least you remembered it in the end. Whereas, I just remembered that my blog completed one year in cyber space more than two months ago which I remembered only after reading this post !

    It’s absolutely great that you are so looking forward to carrying on with your blog year after year. Truly a rare good news to have for me in recent times.

    My best wishes once again to continue with your absorbing writing for so many years to come that if you try to subtract 2008 from that year on your calculator, it’s screen would pop off, leaving a small cloud of smoke. 😀

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