Shobhit’s Return Tag

So, Shobhit did complete my tag AND did come up with his own questions, hence tagging me again….I would go ahead and answer his questions and would not contribute in the vicious circle of tagging by coming with my own questions again.

1. Which would you choose for a pet ? Fish or a Dog ?

I think anyone who is regular to my blog would be able to answer this on my behalf but for those who are not regular I would go ahead and specify it once again that anytime in my life if I get an opportunity to keep a pet it would ALWAYS be a Dog….a German Shepherd named Dino …FOR SURE…

2. You are stranded drenched in the rain at the roadside, with no possible mode of transport available in the heavy rain. Who would you call for help without a second thought ?

If I am at a walking distance from the desired destination I would rather walk… otherwise I’ll call my Dad or brother…or anyone who is in my phonebook and resides somewhere near to my location…respectively.

3. If you are given a chance to be a non-living object, what would you be ?

A beautiful painting right in front of the entrance of the house to mesmerize everyone who happen to visit…

4. What would be the three things you would be worried the most about if you suddenly had to shift to a new residence ?

* About the shifting of everything that we posses from a sofa set or almirah or dinning table to my VCDs or utensils or accessories for that matter

* About friends who would no longer be ‘easily accessible’ to meet in person

* About commuting to usual places that I often had to visit

5. On a rainy Sunday afternoon, would you

(a) Enjoy the yummiest of snacks with hot coffe/tea on the terrace ? or

(b) Go for a walk in the rain with that ‘someone special’ ?

I would rather be enjoying yummiest snacks with chai on the terrace and talk to that ‘someone special’ over the phone….eating is always preferred to anything else…

6. What is the first thing that you observe about a stranger ?

Facial Expressions… whether the person is smiling or frowning or sad or is thinking about something…

7. Which one subject at school would you have skipped if given the choice ?

ECONOMICS….any day!!! If Eco were a person I would have killed it by pushing it from the highest building thus saving the coming generations from its Horror…

8. En route to your best friend’s B’Day party, you are buying a gift for him/her when you suddenly see the last piece of something which you wanted for dear life. You have money to buy just one thing. What would you buy ?

This has happened with me quite a few times in life, I ended up and would always end up buying a gift, that smile on their faces are worth many of those ‘last pieces of many some things’ 🙂

9. If you were allowed to go back in time and un-do one thing, what would it be ?

I would go back and plant an inception in my own mind to take up Eng (Hons) or Journalism in Graduation instead of B.Com (Hons) which as per me after years is a waste…

10. One movie that you can watch again any day and any hour. Just ONE ??

The Mummy is probably the one which I have watched the maximum number of times cos my brother loves that one and reminds me of how Brendan Fraser looks in the movie to get that Green Signal for that movie from me…. But for me, I would go ahead with Socha Na Tha

…and as Shobhit cheated with one more song I’ll cheat too 😀 …with one more movie…Ajab Prem Ki Gajab Kahani… 😀

I’ll go one step ahead of Shobhit now by mentioning Beethoven (all parts), I would love to watch them but then I intentionally don’t watch them these days…

With that I’ll end this post…but before I do, would like to mention one thing which did upset me. Shivani, who is one of my closest friends; lost her pet yesterday, her name was Ruby, she was 15 year old cute lil Pom mix. It’s equally saddening when you hear something like that from any corner of the world. It takes you back to the same moment in time when you were at that stage. May she & her family recover soon with the loss.


9 thoughts on “Shobhit’s Return Tag

  1. 😀

    Wow… That was quick ! 🙂

    1. I always knew what your answer to that one would be! 😉 😛
    3. That was a really nice choice.
    5. hehehe… That was rather ingenious. 😀 You certainly have your preferences right… 😛
    7. I still don’t know why I ever opted for Economics as an optional in ICSE. I don’t even remember how the book looked like. (otherwise I always keep all my books as a collection…) That was how much I hated the subject. 😛
    8. Nice. 🙂
    10. I watched just first part of Beethoven. Didn’t watch subsequent ones intentionally too. Though I know I’d simply love to see those St. Bernards. 🙂 (I did see a bit of some later part where there are even the puppies of Beethoven… Simply wonderful… 🙂 )

    Please do convey my sincere condolences to Shivani and her family for the loss of Ruby. 😦

  2. Oh no! So sorry for Shivani…can totally empathise. 😦

    Coming to the rest of the post:
    Love ans3!
    LOL ans5!
    DONT KILL ECON!! Give it to me, I can study your share too. 😀 Its my fav subject…i graduated in it n will be doing masters in the same!
    Awwww….ans8! 🙂

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