I Quote

You never know what 20% of your efforts mean to someone else, that 20% might work as 120% for them. So, no matter how small the effort is, don’t ever hesitate to execute it.

– Garima

Image: Google Search


4 thoughts on “I Quote

  1. u r posting for the sake of posting… not acceptable! … raise the bar… be brutal to urself and write something… SOMETHING!!!

    • …sometimes I wonder if you write too! If no, then you would never know what is it like being stuck in writer’ s block.
      Sometimes these kinda posts helps you overcome that feeling a bit…
      anyway, I Love the fact that there is someone who has been noticing my ‘absence’; I sure will come up with ‘something’ very soon!

      PS. I know this has been my status update on FB few days back…

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