15th August

Should we celebrate 15th August???

There isn’t any harm. Yes we can and we should. But in this
celebration we should also keep aside some time to think about ‘if we are actually free??’

Zindgi me har cheez k mayene waqt k sath badalte hain… (everything in life changes the meaning along with time)

Something which we consider as our priority might not remain one after few years. Similarly, I would stop craving for a doll in my teens and would probably ask for a bike. Why am I saying all this?? Well…just to make you think if the meaning of Freedom has change for you. If it did…then what exactly it is?? Freedom doesn’t only mean a country running on its own without being Ruled by foreigners.

This thought has been troubling me for a while now. More so after a short discussion with a friend on a one liner that I created. The thought behind it was simple, I was wishing for all the ‘borders’ to vanish, which exist in this world and within us to ensure there is no obstacle in the flow of love, affection and a helping hand to whoever, whenever, wherever required.

I don’t consider ourselves free till the time we think twice before helping a person…if we ‘decide’ to fall in love with someone…if we find a baby not affectionate enough just cos he is on a lap of a roadside vender…

This means we are prejudiced. And its not actually we…its the memory chip of our mind which has been designed in such a way through the experiences and our up bringing that we become judgmental to everyone and everything around us. Who is the culprit??? WE are the culprits.

That battle for Freedom took many lives, required many efforts…many years and was difficult…near to impossible in the beginning. This one is relatively less difficult, if you want you can start directing your thoughts towards constructive India right from this moment without wasting time, it surely would require a lot of efforts but its not impossible at all…and its just YOU you have to debate with apart from some old rituals which doesn’t hold any relevance in today’s world.

I am not sure if I was able to put my point across or not…but I hope you will give it a thought this Independence Day to make our country grow beyond N number of discriminations and old rituals which are being kept high for no reasons. Our country do need a change and only its people can bring it on.

Happy Independence Day to all of you…help your country by thinking positive and constructive.

United we Stand…Divided we Fall…


5 thoughts on “15th August

  1. 🙂

    You actually took away almost all of a post which I was thinking to write. I saw it coming right from the time I saw your querry about freedom on Facebook. 😀

    Exactly ! Independence is not just getting free from a foreign power. One needs to get freedom from the age old prejudices and rituals that are embedded in our very upbringing. You made the point wonderfully clear. I just hope people would understand the real meaning of independence sooner than later.

    Happy Independence Day to you too ! 🙂

    • ahh…so you did see the update…?? reply kon karega…padosi?? :angry: 😛

      Hope you enjoyed ‘freedom’ too 😉 …you for one I feel are very close to the kind of Freedom I talked about 😀

      • 😛 😛 😛

        Sometimes I have so many things on my mind that I can’t think of what to comment. But only sometimes. Otherwise usually, I don’t have anything on my mind… 😛 😀

        None the less, I’ll try to reply from now on… 🙂 Padosi’s are rather busy always… you see… 😛

        Yes, I always enjoy freedom. Not only on 15th August. And you are right about me being closest to that type of freedom. But I’m also very close to the ‘slavery’ of so many people I know. 😦 I guess you know it too.

        It is for us to participate in the ‘struggle for freedom’ now and achieve real freedom for everyone.

        • It’s ok….I understand your busy-ness being a Doc 🙂

          And no, I have no clue about you ‘slavery’…tell me more about it!!! 😀
          seems interesting…. 😉

  2. I agree to all that your saying…
    Would also like freedom from corruption, selfishness, taking advantage of others…all that this country is spreading amongst its citizens…
    This is not what they fought for…its sad.
    Happy I-day!

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