Things That Make Me Hold On..

We do get stuck sometime in our lives at some point, this one is that point in mine.

Life has stuck like a rear tyre of a car in mud, I am pushing the accelerate as hard as I can but the tyre just keeps spinning at the same place….giving some nudge to the ‘car’ at regular intervals, but doesn’t get out of the trap.

So there is hardly anything that helps me climb that one step up the ladder, but there sure are certain things that help me stick to the same one…at least I’m not climbing down.

When I sit down and think about these things I wonder how exactly they work to keep me pepped up to make sure that I don’t fall down…these are random things.

One out of which is very obvious…you all know about it…and must be looking forward to see that in the list…

So its here…right at the top 😀

It’s not actually a ‘thing’, as he is a living being…

His sight makes me smile and then, I wish for the time to stop so that I can continue looking at him without disturbance… like right now… he is right in front of me…with every pause in whatever I am writing I take a break and look at him…without being noticed by him of course!!! 😦

Btw…kisi ne theek hi kaha hai…great people think alike…we both are wearing the same combination today 😀 😀

So, this was one fact which solely can make me carry on….

Next is… hold your breath!!! It’s a very chic thing and some of you might raise your eyebrows… my nail paints…in every possible color 🙂 …and I experiment a lot with them…

My weighing machine contributes too….sometimes though, but most of the times it brings that expression of guilt as I am not following the plan religiously 😦 … I surrender to temptations quite often these days (only in case of food eh!! Hold on to your horses of imagination 😛 )

Anyway, I enjoy this surrender too 😉

Next in the list is something that gives me an instant kick 😀

Trips to malls…as I am on my way to lose some weight I enjoy trying different outfits which I only use to admire on the mannequin till now. Though I don’t buy them but the fact that they fit in and its just the matter of few more months to buy them gives me immense happiness… 😀

Weather is another contributor… I enjoy talking a walk on the terrace with my phone and the songs saved in it… I dare to sing along too, after making sure that no ones around on the adjacent terraces 🙂

Joey… though I don’t meet him often but whenever I do, its altogether a different experience. It gives me a satisfaction of being with Dino again 🙂

My very own Fun Club. It’s a small team of few associates who plan and organize ‘fun @ work’ events for a group of 150+ associates. I love to see people smile after every such event 😀

August in itself is a great motivator as all my close friends were born in this month… though it’s a month of huge expense; I like the process of thinking about how to make them smile the whole day 🙂

How can I forget Movies??? Yeah…Movies!!! I am Mad Over Movies… and I enjoy every bit of my theatre experience 🙂 …without popcorn though 😛

AND…last but not the least, all the compliments that I get from people around send me to Cloud # 9 🙂 … as if all my hard work is paying off. Almost everyday I hear something nice, which makes me 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 – like this…

*Touchwood* for all this factors to grow more in my life…to keep me sane 🙂

As of now… I am just Holding On!!!

PS. And the coming extended weekend is also in the list… I am hoping to take a break with a short trip of 2-3 days. Any suggestions near Delhi?? We plan to leave on Friday and come back by Monday.


10 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Hold On..

  1. When I started reading the post, I kinda had a feeling that I’d be giving you a pep talk in the comment BUT was pleasantly surprised to see the change of mood!
    I like happy happy se posts…was nodding and smiling while I was making my way through the rest of the post… 😀

  2. i know one place near dilli for ur trip, just 2 hours away… very famous and with monsoons still around u and ur fun club can have a ball… the place is lonawala-khandala and it is just two hour flight away! 😉

    • yeah right!!! I was wondering how could I miss such a place near dilli…?? :-/
      Suggestion of realistic destinations would be appreciated…
      PS. Btw…the post was dedicated to you… 🙂

    • Thank You 🙂 🙂
      I love to be a part this Blogger’s Family…where almost every blogger around would feel happy to see a happy post on your blog and would be genuinely worried to see a sad post… 😀

  3. The small things are not only important, but they make your life for what it is…I too have a list, but will save it for my own blog 🙂 (do not want to crowd this space).
    And you know, the best thing about being in such a situation is that you amaze yourself for the strength and courage you are capable of! So, enjoy the hard times too…they afterall, contribute towards your character than the good times 🙂

    • Yeah…we keep waiting for the Big Things to happen and forget about the small ones. There’s nothing wrong in waiting about the Big Ones…but the small ones should not be ignored 🙂

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