What Do You Prefer…Being Fake or Being Original???

 So here is a lil conversation between 2 people. 3 characters involved in total. X, Y and Z. Z has a special appearance for one dialogue, just like SRK’s in Om Shanti Om (he had a role to say one word ‘dialogue’…”bhaago”…remember???)

Some background for you…Y and Z are best of friends. Y accepted X’s friend request on Facebook by mistake and since then X has been commenting and expressing his views on Y’s wall and status very regularly. Now by ‘very’ in mean VERY

Y recently changed her profile pic, which was appreciated and ‘liked’ by most of the population.

But X posted on her Wall saying….

X: Photo change karo ………. :-O

To which Y replied…


After that there was no reply from X….for xyz reasons…

Z visited Y’s Wall and saw the post. Z wondered what’s wrong with X…he is asking Y to change such an awesome pic (a pic which was clicked by Z and everyone loved that new pic)

Z: Kyu Bhai kya problem hai photo me??

X: Specs wali achhi hai…intelligent lagti hai…

Z: unki har pic achhi hai…. And intelligent ‘lagney’ ki kya zaroorat ho jab intelligent ho….right??

X: I know that…..but lagni bhi to chahiye……….

Z: thts not something intelligent people are worried about…

“Dikhave pen a jao, apni akal lagao”  😛

Y: LOL!!!

X: 🙂

After this something went on in X’s mind and he decided to send a msg to Z….with the subject line “Don’t you think it’s time?” …below are the conversations through msgs…

X: Show off is the need of time….

Z was puzzled at this guy. He once was at ‘sending-friend’s-request spree to everyone in her circle of friends. And every one ignored for a simple reason of not knowing him. Poor Y who accepted it cos there were few common friends.

Z: no…ABSOLUTELY NO !!!! I hate to be fake ….and I HATE fake people… I respect originality….”

X: Don’t be fake….show off originally….

Z: well Mr. X….pls continue showing off your originality in showing off, the way you do…and pls stop giving me advices on something that I don’t believe in…. I wont understand what you are saying cos I don’t want to and you wont understand what I am saying cos you cant…


X: I am not giving any advice to you Ms. Z and m not at all trying to convince anybody…m living the way I live… moreover I was in conversation with Y and it was you who started in between… I don’t care wat you believe in…

Z: …..read your msgs again and you wud realize wat it was if not n advice…thr wsnt any need of ths communicatn anyway. And if u dint care thn u shudnt hv initiated ths… rahi baat beech me padne ki… Y is my best frnd and I do hv the right to tk a stand fr her…thr wsnt anything wrong in wat I asked, cos u probably r d only one asking her to chnge that pic…or rather ordering the same…

And btw…has anyone evr gvn u a feedbk abt your display pic??? Time to change tht too….something wch wud probably mk u luk a lil intelligent…!!!


He dint msg since thn…

Now this makes me think why people believe in ‘showing off’??

PS. I HATE such people…..


16 thoughts on “What Do You Prefer…Being Fake or Being Original???

  1. 🙂

    Just another learning experience for us about the types of characters one may come across in life. 🙂

    More than being fake or original, it’s about meddling in other people’s business. Which ‘X’ never should have taken the liberty of having.

    And why do people show off… Well, that’s a topic for a complete post… 😛 😀 Maybe I’ll write about it one of these days. 🙂

    • Exactlyy…specially when one doesn’t even know the person and is just an xyz, randomly added in the Friend’s list; one should just realize the limits and stick to them.

      To be Honest…’Z’ was me, which you must have figured out by now 😛 and I was more pissed when I got the message saying ‘it’s time to show off’…I was like “What the eff?” 👿

  2. ohho!! Time to show off?? Idiot. HE sure believes in practicing and preaching weirdo things!
    That is why I have a list of “unwanted” people who I had to add for xyz reasons but have blocked from my personal things..pictures, post by friends etc.

  3. hey, temme one thing…?? Do i look intelligent in my display pic. Shit, I just got a lasik surgery done.. I would atleast have looked intelligent with specs on…

    Regrets, regrets and regrets..!!

  4. Hahahahahahha how come i missed this post yaar…….i remember and i guess yeah FB wala Scene hai jiska tune band bajaya tha 🙂
    That looser 🙂 haina

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