17th Day…

…of not posting on my Blog.

Note: I am not expecting this post to be a happy one.

The note up there is to let me know at the end if I was able to succeed or not.

So, here I go…

I feel absolutely incomplete without this ability to write. I did get some time during these days when I wanted to write something for this space, but all I could do was… write 2-3 lines and then delete them. They were not able to please me as a writer (I am not pleased with these ones either). I wanted to write about things that were happening in life, but there is hardly anything which is worth sharing with you guys apart from the mess all around. I needed a break…big time…as in BIGGG TIMEE, but all plans got cancelled. I needed someone to listen quietly to my cribbing, but infact got more distant to some I thought would listen. I needed someone to understand what I am going through, how I feel about everything that’s changing and that’s stagnant around me, but all I got were more questions and logics. I always avoided ‘logical reasoning’ when it came to my friends and then I realized that even the same expectations reduce your joys and can set the temper soaring. I avoided referring friends as Best Friends cos none of my Best Friends so far showed up when I needed them. But then I thought that there is one and I should not blame her for my past experiences. I think I should have learnt something from past experiences but I seem to be doing the same mistake again and again. Emotions do make you handicapped and I don’t have an option but to live with it.

I remain silent when I want to talk and talk just to avoid questions about my silence.

There is something wrong, something is missing, there is something that I am not able to understand about my self, something that I am not able to express, there is something that’s creating a void or rather making it grow….there definitely IS something…

 PS. I would want to acknowledge the efforts of 2 of my friends who have been making constant efforts to keep me sane in the midst of everything…Thanks Shivani and Thanks Purba 🙂


14 thoughts on “17th Day…

  1. 🙂

    Just some advice from experiences in life… Try to avoid to find logic in your emotions (or being emotional in your logic…). The two things are not meant to be taken together. 🙂

    And the ‘PS’ of your post highlights the fact that you are actually one of very few lucky people. 🙂

  2. girl, you don’t sound too good..!!

    If you ever want to talk, then I am just a call away. Sometimes it feels better to talk to a stranger (Yeah, I am still a stranger to you)..

    Cheer up sweety


    • Thanks yaar….I sure would give you a call whenever I dont have a PS. to write on such posts…till then I should better let you deal with your problems than adding on to them, as I feel that somewhere you too are going through this weird phase of life… 🙂

  3. It happens at times when you are clueless about everything and everything seems incomprehensible. This will pass soon. Don’t worry, hope you feel better soon.
    Go out and do something that will divert your mind; go shopping or for a movie or a simple walk or stroll. I am sure it will make you feel better.
    Take care n cheer up!

  4. Pretty Awesome. I used to feel similar sometime earlier, but have more or less managed to come out of it. Totally agree on the writing and the best friend part, but like someone said, logic and emotions are separate entities, and need to be treated as such :).

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