3*7 Tag

In this one, there are 7 lists and you have to fill in three things in each one…the rules are as follows:

– Tag as many u want!
– Link their pages in your tag post
– Post a message / leave a comment screaming that they r tagged
– Mention the person who tagged you in your tag post, and link their blog.
– Write 3 X 7 things about yourself ..

I made Atul tag me and then behaved lazy…then Shalu tagged me with the same tag few days back. Forced myself to complete this today as I had sometime in hand…needless to say ‘it was fun’

3 places I would pack my travel bag for
– I have seen pictures of this place through the cameras of so many friends and I reallyyy wish to visit once before I die.
Goa – Been there once and want to go again.
New York – During Christmas time to enjoy the festivity in the air 🙂

3 On-Screen characters I love to watch

Rick O’Connell – The Mummy series, I find this character to Hot and Witty.
Viren – Abhay Deol’s character in Socha Na Tha…cute to the core.
Mahi – in Mahi Way…do I need to say why? 😛
3 moods that describes me the best
Confused – I always am and some how I believe that I would always be CONFUSED about everything that I did or would do in life 😦
Excited – I usually am about every new thing in life
Numb – comfortably!

3 things I always think of doing on a weekend… but never did

Going for a walk – Evening walk that is, cos I know I am not a morning walk kind of person. But even then…I never happen to do it
Watch 3 movies back to back – either there are no good movies or no money or no company 😦
Paint – its been long since I have touched the brush and the canvas with some colors.
3 things from my childhood that I cant forget
– I remember scaring my brother every now and then as a kid. Once there was an electricity failure and I called out to him from the other room with power on my face, cald in mom’s shawl, with a torch beneath my face…standing at the very corner of the door. He cam running and rest is history 😛
– as a kid while sleeping me and my brother would somehow start giggling and then it would never stop. Mom and Dad used to shout at us to “shut up & sleep”, we would keep quite for a while and then any of us would make that noise while trying to suppress the laugh and then it would start all over again.
– I can’t forget Dino’s childhood and how I became a kid while talking to him “Dino ko ninni aayi?” …”Dino chalo gumi gumi chalein”. Those were the best days of my life… 😀

3 things I would never say NO to 
Going on a trip 🙂
Donuts 🙂 🙂
Movies 🙂 🙂 🙂

3 things I cant live without 

Phone – I am 24*7 online cos of my lovely cellphone
MS Word – to write, I have to care less about spelling mistakes
Dreams – which I see with open eyes 😀
I tag no one… as half of the bloggers’ population have already done this one…guess I am late.


4 thoughts on “3*7 Tag

  1. 😀

    The “3 things from my childhood that I cant forget” list was the best……. I’ve stilled not stopped laughing in bouts after I read the second point in that one… 😛 I’m still imagining the scene… 😛

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