Sometimes life brings you at such a point where you have ample time to think and yet you believe that you are running short of time.

Sometimes you go through a certain phase of life which you think is unique and is happening only to you, but when you look around you find people stuck in the same phase (with same or different conditions)

Sometimes you want someone to be there to listen to you, but all you get is someone with the same level of frustration whom you have to listen to.

Sometimes you want a certain xyz to reduce your pain of loneliness, but life gives you an abc. You don’t always have to be rigid about everything in life…give abc a chance and you might Thank life for bringing abc on your way.

Sometimes you try hard to make sense, but all you could do is…get more confused.

Sometimes typed letters are far more relieving than the spoken words

 Sometimes being with someone you don’t know is better than being with your best friend.

….quite a lot of ‘sometimes’ out there eh..? Don’t bother much, it’s the product of a ‘warm’ mind. Sometimes (oops…!!! yet another ‘sometimes’ 😛 ) you want to take a break and life gift you with high fever. Do you have a choice apart from being at home with medicines and thermometer?? NO.

It’s been a week since I am at home. It couldn’t have been worst; temperature this time touched the 105 mark. Never in my life, it got this high!

I do like to get high….but not like this.

Anyway, cos of this forced break; I got ample time to think about how empty life has become…and in fact, got someone to discuss this emptiness too. Strangely, we both have almost similar reasons to be worried about… I have slightly more to add on to the list though.

The past week was all about fever, home, of not being able to eat anything, ample sleep, blood tests, internet connection (yeah….finally! But I am afraid I still have miles to go) and talking.

Sometimes you want to write more about how you feel, but all you could do is scribble few lines with a lot of ‘sometimes’ 😛

…don’t worry let me beat this fever n weakness once and I’ll definitely be back in sometime 😉 to write more about life…beyond ‘sometime’ 😀



10 thoughts on “Sometimes….

  1. 🙂

    Looks like you have been trying to give the CWG athletes some competition to reach new heights… 😛

    “Not being able to eat anything” seemed to be the only negative about the things you said about the past week. 😦

    As for the fever… same pinch… 😛

    Do get well soon ! 🙂

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